Dealer Application

Deadline: Mar 16, 2023 12:00 am (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Jun 16, 2023 1:00 pm - Jun 18, 2023 6:00 pm
Orlando, Florida

About the event

Central Florida's favorite local convention! Get up close to stars and play our Live Role Play, Warriors of Orlandia! Come see our 22nd show!
Anime Festival Orlando
Anime Festival Orlando
Anime Festival Orlando
Anime Festival Orlando

About the application

Anime Festival Orlando takes great pride in providing one-of-a-kind merchandise and artwork for our Attendees. Since the beginning, we have hand-selected our dealers to help create a unique and fun shopping experience. We appreciate your interest in being a Dealer with AFO.

The Deadline for Submissions is March 15, 2023. We look forward to hearing from you!
We kindly ask that you review all the information before submitting any questions.  If the material is already on the website or in your contract, you will be redirected accordingly.  If you have any questions or concerns not clarified in the above information or in your contract, please contact the AFO Dealer Coordinator (

All prices, spaces, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

*New since 2022:  There are no longer any deposits required.  If you are approved your full amount will be due no later than May 15th.  Failure to pay will result in the forfeiture of your booth and it will be offered to those dealers on the wait list.


  • AFO offers two types of booths, Regular and Corner.  Booths are offered based on the following criteria (if approved)
      1) Prior year dealers get first pick.
      2) Everyone else will be based on their stated booth preference along with the date they submitted their application
  • Both corner and regular booths are 10' x 10'.
  • Corner booths come with 2 tables and 2 chairs. The price for a Corner Booth is $500.00
  • Regular booths come with 1 table and 2 chairs.  The price for a Regular Booth is $400.00
  • You are renting the booth space, not the table. Based on venue inventory, 8 foot tables may be substituted for 6 foot tables as needed. You may bring your own display stands and/or additional tables but it must fit within the designated booth space.
  • Guaranteed electric outlets are available for an additional cost.  There are outlets scattered throughout the dealer space, but if you need access to these we will place you at a booth location that has access to these outlets.

  • 2 Dealer Badges will be provided with 1 booth purchase.  Each additional booth will provide you with 1 additional badge.  You may purchase additional badges at the discounted rate, up to a maximum of 4.  Anything beyond this will need permission from the Dealer Coordinator.
Inquiry Form Process

  • We look forward to reviewing your inquiry form. To be considered for the AFO Dealer Room, we ask that you complete the Dealer Inquiry Form.  Due to the high volume of inquiries, we cannot confirm receipt of, or guarantee an immediate response to your inquiry form.  The submission process is electronic; therefore AFO is not responsible for technical issues that may cause your inquiry form to not be received.  Multiple inquiry forms will not improve the chances of being accepted.

  • All fields must be completed and a link to your business/online store must be included in order for your inquiry form to be reviewed.  If a field does not apply to you please indicate with “N/A”.  Any missing information, lack of web links, and/or lack of display images may cause your application to be rejected.  It is at the discretion of AFO to reject an inquiry form if a thorough review of your information cannot be completed.  All inquiry forms will be reviewed in the order received.  Any attempt to reapply will be reviewed in the normal order of receipt and will not be based on your original inquiry form submission date.
  • If approved and there is availability, you will receive a Dealer Invitation. If there is no availability and/or your merchandise is not a good fit for AFO for this year, we will try to inform you as such. All information will be retained for potential future events.  Booths will be reserved based on when your deposit and/or full payment is received.  Payment in full is required 21 days prior to Dealer Move-in.

Inquiry Form Review

  • The dealers' merchandise and information will be reviewed by AFO to establish if it follows the Dealer Room Terms and Conditions. All merchandise must adhere to the rules as mentioned above and in the contract.  A dealer may be accepted, but required to remove certain items that do not fall within the rules.
  • The dealer must provide an example of the booth display and accompanying merchandise that they will be setting up in the Dealer Room. This will be used to assign booth placement if the dealer is accepted. If a dealer has set up in a Dealer Room before, a photograph will provide the simplest example. If the dealer is setting up a new display, or has not displayed in a Dealer Room before, a photo or drawing of the proposed display will suffice. The dealer may be asked for more detailed explanation or further proof.

Terms & Conditions

Dealers may arrange their area any way they like with their designated booth space, within reason. Dealer displays may not extend into or block neighboring booths and common areas such as walkways, doorways or fire exits. Dealers are encouraged to bring shelves and racks to help display their merchandise. However, please keep it within reason, and please be considerate of your fellow Dealers and Attendees. Dealers should also to bring a drop cloth to cover their tables at night. 

The Dealer Room will be locked after hours.  HOWEVER, AFO is not responsible or accountable for your merchandise.
Please note: Approval must be obtained prior to connecting any display items to the Venue Space (i.e. walls, fixtures, etc.).
See an AFO Representative for approval.
Subletting of Booth Space
Dealer Booths may not be resold, transferred, sublet, or assigned by the dealer. Any Co-Ops or Partnerships must receive
prior approval from the AFO Dealer Coordinator.
Payment in full is required no later than 30 days prior to Dealer Move-In. Failure to pay by this deadline will result in all payments being forfeited and for all reserved booths to become immediately available for resale. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

A Balance Due Invoice will be sent to you via PayPal.

A check or money order made out to Anime Festival Orlando, Inc. may be used for payment. Booths will not be
confirmed until payment in full has been cleared by the bank.

Returned Checks
A return check fee of $50.00 will be levied on all checks returned for any reason.
Cancellations made 45 days prior to AFO (05/02/23) are eligible for a 50% refund of any deposits or additional payments.
Cancellations made 30 days prior to AFO (05/17/23) are eligible for a 25% refund of any deposits or additional payments.
Cancellations made 15 days prior to AFO or later (06/01/23 - 06/16/23) forfeits all deposits or additional payments. 
If you require electricity at your booth there will be an additional charge for this service. Electricity (1 120V
500W outlet) is $125.00 and must be paid in advance as we will need to place your booth near an outlet within the Dealer Room.  This rate is non-negotiable.

It is highly recommended that you bring several extension cords as the hotel charges a per day rental fee for them if necessary (please check with the hotel for exact rates).
Early Teardown Fee
For any Dealer that starts to dismantle their booth (tables, racks, displays, etc.) prior to Sunday at 4:00PM, they will be assessed an early tear down fee of $150.00. This must be paid before any future reservations will be honored.

Cleaning Fee
For any Dealer that fails to properly clean their booth space prior to their departure at the close of the show, they will be assessed a cleaning fee of $75.00. This must be paid before any future reservations will be honored.

AFO 2024 Reservations
Information for how to register for AFO 2024 will be provided shortly after the 2023 event.

Dealer Volunteers
AFO recognizes that a number of Dealers may use Volunteers with whom they have made their own arrangements. Please
keep in mind that AFO reserves the right to notify the proper authorities if they feel a Dealer is jeopardizing the safety and/or welfare of a minor whether physically or emotionally, this includes screaming, cursing, threats or intimidation, providing alcohol or any illegal substance, or if the situation seems inappropriate in nature. All complaints against any Dealer will be remanded to the Orange County Sheriff’s department for investigation.
Operating Hours For AFO Dealer Room
The hours of operation for the Dealer Room are as follows (subject to change):

Load In/Set Up   
Thursday: 2PM – 10PM
Friday: 9AM – 12PM

Doors Open For Vendors
Saturday: 8AM
Sunday: 9AM

VIP Access

Friday: 12PM - 1PM
Saturday: 9AM - 10AM
Sunday: 10AM - 11AM
General Access
Friday: 1PM - 7PM
Saturday: 10AM - 7PM
Sunday: 11AM - 5PM
Load In & Set-up
Dealers will be allowed to begin set-up on Thursday after 2:00pm. Please be aware that loading/unloading is restricted to the venue’s designated areas. No loading/unloading is permitted at the front of the Conference Center.

Tear Down & Load Out
The Dealer Room is Open Until 5PM on Sunday. Please plan your schedules accordingly. You may not begin to
break down any displays until the room has been cleared of any and all attendees and the CLOSING
ANNOUNCEMENT has been made. This is for everyone’s safety and we appreciate your compliance. Failure to comply
will result in the aforementioned Early Tear Down Fee (See Contract Compliance). 
Please use the trash bins and cardboard receptacles that are provided by the venue for your convenience. Failure to properly dispose of all trash (including zip-tie cut offs), will result in the aforementioned Cleaning Fee (See Contract Compliance).
Dealer Room Environment
Audio displays must be kept at a reasonable volume. The staff reserves the right to request volume modifications for any
reason. Any music played must be age appropriate. Since this is a family convention we ask that you please refrain from
playing music that contains profanity or suggestive lyrics.

No smoking or alcoholic beverages please. Convention facilities prohibit outside food and beverages unless prior approval
has been granted and a hotel waiver has been submitted.
Retail Merchandise
We respectfully ask all Dealers to refrain from selling any titles or merchandise which are not clearly licensed for sale. If we
see titles of questionable licensing, you will be asked to remove them from your display. If you don’t remove them, you will
be asked to leave the premises, and you forfeit all payments - no refunds will be issued. AFO has final say over whether any specific item is allowed to be sold and reserves the right to deny any item from being sold for any reason.

Dealers are asked not to display/sell bootleg materials including, but not limited to:
Banners, Scrolls, Posters, CDs, DVDs, Toys, Figurines, Plushies, Accessories, Clothing, Messenger Bags, Manga,
Comics, Any recorded media (this includes fan-subtitled videos).

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please e-mail

Adult Materials (18+)
AFO maintains a family friendly environment and caters to fans of all ages, including minors. Please display all adult
material responsibly (keep the naughty bits covered), and it is your responsibility to check IDs before selling all adult
material. Failure to abide by the above may result in immediate expulsion from the convention. No booth refund will be

There is to be no selling or displaying of any merchandise promoting pedophilia. We reserve the right to prohibit the display
of any merchandise that we deem inappropriate.

Original Works/Crafted Items
AFO recognizes original works or crafted items to include but not limited to: any product featuring an artist’s original
character, commissioned or hand-drawn works during the convention, any unique, individual, hand-made items, fan art which clearly shows that the work is produced by the artist, rather than by the license holder, props that are clearly made by the artists that are original rather than of a licensed nature, etc. AFO is not liable for any works that may depict copyrighted materials, trademarked logos, and related official art and/or that may be in violation of license or distribution holder’s rights.

AFO reserves the right to ask a Dealer to remove such items from their table of AFO’s own determination or at the request of a respective Dealer with valid licensing/distribution rights. If not removed, you will then be asked to leave the premises, and you forfeit all payments, no refunds will be given.

Contact Lenses
The sale of contact lenses for costume or cosplay purposes must be FDA-Approved and/or FDA-Cleared Cosmetic/Theatrical Contact Lenses. AFO will not be held liable for violations to any Local, State, or Federal Regulations. AFO reserves the right to ask a dealer to present appropriate documentation including but not limited to authorized distribution/license and 501(k) summary for brands of contacts being sold. AFO reserves the right to ask for removal of unauthorized materials; failure to do so will result in removal from the premises and forfeit of all payments - no refunds will be given. 
Federal Regulations – Title 16, Part 315 – Contact Lens Rule:

FDA-MedicalDevices-Decorative Contact Lenses:

Laser Devices/Toys
If you sell any sort of laser device or toy which emits a laser beam such as a laser pointer, targeting sights, pet toys, etc., be advised that it must NOT exceed a Class 1 rating (ANSI Z 136.1 or IEC 60825-1 Standard).

All laser products must come from the manufacturer with the class rating clearly labeled. Any laser items found not properly
labeled or found to exceed Class 1 ratings must not be sold and should be removed from the convention space. Failure to comply with a removal request will result in the confiscation of the articles or the forfeiture of your booth for the
remainder of AFO with NO refund at AFO’s discretion.

The sale of live steel and air guns to minors, under 18 years of age, is at your own risk (FL Statues, Ch. 790, Sec. 17, 225, 18, 22). All bladed and air gun items must be sealed in a tapped box prior to leaving the booth. AFO requests that all Dealers mark the merchandise box with the birth date of the purchaser. Federal and State law requires that any toy gun is to be tipped in orange and we expect all Dealers to comply. Failure to check ID or to secure or identify a weapon may lead to immediate dismissal with NO refund. Please review Florida State Statues Chapter 790 and applicable Federal Laws. A
Weapons Addendum will be provided upon request.

If you are interested in an advertising option, please email an AFO representative at

Panel Hosting
Any Dealer who is interested in hosting a panel should fill out the appropriate panel request form found on the AFO website
( If you are planning to submit a panel application(s), please notify the Dealer Coordinator
so they may follow up with the Panel Staff regarding your panel approval and scheduled time(s).

Sales Tax
All Dealers assume full responsibility for the collection and payment of any local state and or federal taxes. All dealers are
responsible for any operating licenses that may be required by local, state or federal law.

By submitting this application you are acknowledging that you are responsible for any and all applicable taxes pertaining to the sale of all goods and services you provide.

Safety and Security
AFO will have Event Safety Staff roaming the entire convention space. Their prime directive is to keep Staff, Attendees,
Guests and Dealers from injury. As a retailer it is your responsibility to secure your merchandise, and to have appropriate
coverage to watch your space. If you have more than two booths you are required to have at least two people to staff
your area. AFO cannot provide coverage for breaks.

All Dealers are fully and solely responsible for their property while on the convention site during and after Dealer Room
hours. It is recommended that dealers obtain adequate insurance to cover loss, damage or liability. Neither Anime Festival
Orlando, Inc. (AFO) nor its staff will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the dealer, dealer's
associates, or property for any reason.

Shipping Info
If you plan to ship merchandise ahead of your arrival please be aware that there is a per package handling fee which the
venue charges. For the Shipping Addendum, please contact the Dealer Coordinator.

Breach of Contract
If you do not adhere to the stipulations set forth in this contract, it may be deemed a breach of contract. You may be asked to leave the premises and will not be entitled to any refunds. All rights to litigation will be waived. If you need to send your reservation and payment by mail, please contact for the remittance address.

Make checks or money orders payable to: Anime Festival Orlando, Inc.

Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) is not responsible for lost payments through the Mail (USPS). Dealers are encouraged to contact the Dealer Coordinator to confirm the remittance address as this will also inform us that a payment is on the way to us. In the event of a lost check, the Dealer may cancel the lost payment through the necessary institutions and will need to contact the Dealer Coordinator to make other payment arrangements.


Upon receipt it is understood that I have read the AFO Dealer Contract and agree to the conditions set forth. I also realize that these conditions may change based on policies of the Venue. I agree this document is a binding contract between Anime Festival Orlando, Inc. (AFO) and the Company which I am authorized to represent.


Regular Booth $400
Corner Booth $500

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • 1st Booth Preference
  • 2nd Booth Preference
  • What kind of merchandise are you selling?
  • Link to Booth Setup/Merchandise Pictures
  • Booth Setup/Merchandise Pictures Upload
  • Do you require a table?
  • Do you require gauranteed access to an electricial outlet?
  • How many additional dealer badges do you require?
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Dealer Application
Dealer Application
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