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Taster's Alley Competition

Deadline: Apr 13, 2023 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Apr 14, 2023 5:00 pm - Apr 15, 2023 7:00 pm (EDT)
Barnesville, Georgia

About the event

Come join us for Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival - Presented by UNITED BANK! KEEP THE FESTIVAL SAFE AND FREE: NO OUTSIDE FOOD, BEVERAGES OR PETS Like all of our events, the Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival is completely free admission and open to the public – part of the community investment made by our presenting sponsor, UNITED BANK, in conjunction with the support of all our Chamber Partners; Georgia Power, City of Barnesville, Jordan Forest Products, Piedmont Green Power, Southern Rivers Energy, Sapphire Hills and Chik-Fil-A Griffin. PLEASE: Except for those with small children or dietary restrictions, please do not bring outside food or beverages to the event – no coolers are permitted. For the safety and comfort of our large audience, we ask that you respect your neighbors and leave your companion animals at home (except for service animals, of course). Starting at 5pm on Friday, we will have Food Trucks, Vendors, Bands and Free Jump Friday at the Kid's Park! Starting at 10am Saturday... enjoy the festivities with Bands, DJ, Vendors, Food Trucks, Games, Kid's Park and the Taster's Alley Competition (12pm-3pm)!
Barnesville Lamar Chamber
Barnesville Lamar Chamber
Barnesville Lamar Chamber
Barnesville Lamar Chamber

About the application

Welcome to BBQ & Blues! Browse through our Taster's Alley Competition application and let us know if you have any questions. ONLY 20 Spaces Available!
Competition will be from 12pm-3pm on Saturday. Competitors will be allowed to set up their space Friday before 5pm or Saturday before 10am. Competitors cannot breakdown until Saturday 7pm. Spaces are 16ft x 18 ft. Competitors are allowed to bring campers. Free water & electricity included in the price.
Does your team, business or organization want exposure? Think your Backyard BBQ recipe can beat the competition? Here's your chance to prove it! Open to anyone! 
Judging will be based on the People's Choice. Tokens will be available for purchase at entrance to Taster's Alley for $20.*
Chamber will provide containers for each competitor to place on their tables to collect tokens in exchange for ONE sample. Each Contestant will be assigned a specific token and guests will exchange corresponding token for a sample. Guests will use GOLD token to choose their favorite contestant.
Winners will be announced at 5pm. 
1st Prize Grand Champion - $1,250
2nd Prize Reserve Grand Champion - $1,000
3rd Prize Backyard Hero - $750
Bonus Round Prizes:
The Entertainers - $500
Chamber Favorite - $300 
Last Little Piggy - $200
*There will only be 250 tokens available for purchase. Contestants will be given 260 2oz samples approved containers with entry fee.

Terms & Conditions

Approved Applicants must adhere to the following Terms & Conditions:
I understand that Lamar County, the City of Barnesville and the Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce and its affiliates are in no way responsible for my goods, my person or my employees during the time I am occupying the festival premises. 
2. I understand the Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival will not provide insurance. Any insurance must be placed and paid for by the exhibitor. I relieve management of the festival of all responsibility in connection with the safekeeping of my property while said properties are at this festival.
3. I understand I am not permitted to sell food at any time from my booth. 
4. I understand that I am permitted to sell my business branded merchandise or other types of merchandise from my booth.
5. I agree to set up my booth prior to 5pm on Friday or 10am on Saturday (space is 16x18, campers allowed, tent, tables set up in space) and will not disassemble my space prior to Saturday 7PM. I will have samples available ONLY from 12PM-3PM on Saturday. 
6. I agree to leave my booth area clean when the festival is over and to observe all safety rules.
7. I agree to furnish all my own materials (tents, tables, chairs, hardware, etc.). Funeral tents are not permitted, and only service animals are allowed within the festival areas.
8. I understand that all samples must be in a container no larger than 2oz with lid or I risk being disqualified from the competition. Meat, if any, must be Beef, Pork or Chicken. (You may serve a side item, dessert, etc. There are no restrictions to what your sample has to be. Only container which will be provided.)
9. I understand that I am participating in a competition for a cash prize.
10. I understand that winners will be announced at 5PM.
11. I understand that by signing this contract that the Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce can publish my contact information for festival purposes. 
12. I understand and agree that the Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival is held, in part or in whole, rain or shine. If for any reason whatsoever, it becomes impossible to carry on certain activities during the duration of the festival, this contract may be terminated, and I hereby waive any claim for damages that I may have as a result of said termination.


Booth prices $0
Taster's Alley Competition Booth $200 Non-refundable Includes a space 16 x 18, Electricity & Water.

Questions on the application

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Additional information

  • What type of meat will you be entering?

Picture requirements

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Taster's Alley Competition
Taster's Alley Competition
Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival
Application is in draft mode by event organizer