Business, Artisan, or Craft Vendor

Deadline: Dec 08, 2023 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Dec 09, 2023 5:00 pm - Dec 09, 2023 8:00 pm
Wesley Chapel, Florida

About the event

Join us for a magical night of fireworks, pictures with Santa, real snow, music, dancing, food and much more! This event is free and open to the public!
Avalon Park Wesley Chapel
Avalon Park Wesley Chapel
Avalon Park Wesley Chapel
Avalon Park Wesley Chapel

About the application

Welcome to the event! Browse through our applications and let us know if you have any questions.This is an electronic agreement and by selecting the booths, you are validating and approving this agreement electronically.

Terms & Conditions

All vendor/sponsor booths must be reserved in advance. No booths will be held without the required deposit. Assignment of vendor/sponsor space will be at the promoter’s discretion and the vendor must exhibit with the space provided.Full payment is required to reserve space. No space will be reserved until payment is received. A vendor/sponsor may cancel this agreement upon the receipt of written notification to the promoter.If vendor/sponsor is not accepted due to requirements, a new application may be submitted with changes. The promoter DOES NOT SUPPLY POWER FOR VENDOR USE AT THE EVENT. If you require power, please indicate on the form; pay applicable fees. If you need to illuminate your tent, you must use your generator or bring your own battery-operated lanterns. All power cords used by vendors must be secure cords taped to the ground to avoid accidents. VENDORS MUST SUPPLY THEIR OWN DUCT TAPE TO SECURE CORDS. Vendors are requested to bring back up lighting, due to power situations. Small battery-operated lanterns can be purchased at local departments or hardware stores for less than $20.00 and will cut down on the frustration of not having lighting, should an issue arise.The vendor/sponsor agrees to hold blameless the promoter, Avalon Park Group Management, Inc. and Avalon Park Property Owners Association, its employees, officials and principals and expressly release it from all liability from loss or damage caused to person or property for any cause whatsoever. Vendor/sponsor shall indemnify Avalon Park Group Management, Inc. against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim or injury, damage to any person or property, together with all cost in connection with the defense thereto, including attorney’s fees.Vendors/sponsors are required to collect Florida State Sales Tax of 6.5% on taxable sales. To obtain more information on a Temporary Tax certificate, contact the Florida Department of Revenue at 407-475-1200.Food Vendors/sponsors are required to be licensed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and inspected the day of the event. To obtain more information on a Temporary License, contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulations at 850-487-1395. VENDORS/SPONSORS ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A COPY OF THE LICENSE. Vendors/sponsors are required to clean –up their space after the event. Any vendor/sponsor who leaves garbage in their area will be assessed a $50.00 fine. Food Vendors/sponsors must provide a trash receptacle near their booth and are responsible for keeping the trash at a minimum. By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions as indicated on this application and contract. I agree to sell only those items as listed. If I change/add a new category or merchandise, I must submit a request to the promoter. Any vendor/sponsor that does not comply with the rules and regulations will be asked to not return.


Standard Vendor Fee $30 10x10 space.
Electricity $35 Electricity.
Double booth $60 Non-refundable

Questions on the application

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Additional information

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Picture requirements

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Business, Artisan, or Craft Vendor
Business, Artisan, or Craft Vendor
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