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Spring Thyme with the Appalachian Renaissance Faire Exhibitors & Artists

Deadline: Apr 11, 2022 11:00 pm (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Apr 22, 2022 7:00 pm - Apr 24, 2022 5:00 pm (EST)
Morristown, Tennessee

About the event

Come join us in celebrating the Renaissance in Tennessee's beautiful Appalachian region. We are offering interactive art, children's activities, entertainment, theater, arts & crafts, delicious foods, craft beers, axe throwing, high tea, Maypole celebration, knights on horseback, dance and live music, and the festivities of the weekend begin with a Nobles Banquet fit for a King on Friday night, the 22nd, at 7pm. Visit for more details or call 423-581-4330. CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER ADMITTED FOR FREE!
Rose Center & Council for the Arts
Rose Center & Council for the Arts
Rose Center & Council for the Arts
Rose Center & Council for the Arts

About the application

Welcome to the event! Browse through our applications and let us know if you have any questions. This is an electronic agreement and by selecting the booths, you are validating and approving this agreement electronically. Dates and Times of the Event: The Noble Banquet is on Friday, April 22nd at 7pm, with doors opening at 6:30pm. The Faire will be held on Saturday, April 23rd, 10am-6pm & Sunday, April 24th, 10am-5pm. The event will take place rain or shine, excepting severe weather conditions. Location: Rose Center Council for the Arts 442 West 2nd North Street Morristown, TN 37814 Covid Policy: In the event that the faire events have to be canceled due to Covid-19, vendors will be refunded 80% of their booth fee. This is an outdoor event, with the exception of various dance classes and the Noble Banquet. Vendor booths will be spaced to help maintain social distancing for individuals who are not yet Covid-19 vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated. We will be complying with state and local regulations regarding Covid-19 that are in effect at the time of the event. We ask that you please respect any and all Covid-19 social distancing and/or mask requirements. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Faire without refund. Festival Directors: Wendy Overman Beccy Hamm

Terms & Conditions

You must both fill out your information here online and the printed copy that is attached here. I have read all of the Terms and Conditions for the Spring Thyme with the Appalachian Renaissance Faire (hereinafter referred to as "Faire") vendors and participants, either found on the website or provided online, and I agree to comply with them. I understand that failure to do so may result in my expulsion from the Faire without refund of my fees, and I may be barred from future events. I assume all and any responsibility for my employees and all items used by our group. I will in no way hold the Appalachian Renaissance Faire, Inc. or Rose Center Council for the Arts responsible for theft, damage to, or loss of any items having to do in any way with my encampment space, personal belongings, my person in general, or any persons belonging or persons in general manning my booth encampment at any time during the hours before, during or after the official hours of the Faire, or during set-up or take down of the Faire. I hereby authorize Rose Center Council for the Arts and the Appalachian Renaissance Faire, Inc. to use any and all audio and/or visual recording depicting my voice or person in period character or costume for promotional publication. This authorization includes, but is not limited to photographs, audio tapes slides or other recordings. I understand that lost or missing passes will not be replaced. I have read and fully understand all pages of this electronic agreement including the terms and conditions. I feely and voluntarily agree to all terms and conditions contained herein. Vendors are responsible for informing all individuals on there participant list of the rules and regulations/terms and conditions of this agreement. Please sign the attached document and return the terms and condition page with your signed contract. You must both fill out your information here online and the printed copy that is attached here. All those listed on your participant list must sign the Hold Harmless agreement on the terms and conditions page of the attached contract before entering the faire site. These can be printed from the attachment, signed and returned before the faire or on the day of the faire at the check in area. The following waivers are optional if you do not wish to obtain your won insurance or keep a fire extinguisher within your booth. By writing your initials on the attached form in this area, you agree and waive your right to have insurance that covers your person, booth, and all of your belongings, You agree to not hold Rose Center Council for the Arts or AARF responsible for any losses during this time. Any damages will be covered by you with the acceptance of this waiver. By writing your initials on the attached form in this area, you agree to waive your right to have a fire extinguisher in your booth and/or your possession during the event. By doing so, you release all responsibility of Rose Center Council for the Arts and AARF to pay for any damages done to both your booth or possessions. Any damage Donne to property or persons in the event that an extinguisher was needed and not on hand, will be your responsibility. Please print the attached contract, fill out and return to Rose Center Council for the Arts. You may do so in the following ways: 1. Fill out the form, take a picture and email it to 2. scan and email to 3. print out and mail to Rose Center at 442 West 2nd North St. Morristown, TN 37814 4. print out, fill out, drop it off at the office located at the above address. We need the signed contracts delivered to us, but you must fill out and pay for your booth space online. Cancellation Policy: There will be a processing fee of $10 subtracted from all funds for processing. Funds will be returned online if processed online on the Eventeny website or via check if processed in our office. 60-90 Days before the event: 50% refund 30-60 Days before the event: 25% refund 30 Days or less before the event: No refund **For any payment by check that is returned for insufficient funds, there will be a $50 insufficient funds charge.


Retail Vendor 10x10 = $100 $100 Non-refundable
Retail Vendor 10x20 = $170 $170 Non-refundable
Retail Vendor 10x30 = $250 $250 Non-refundable
Retail Vendor - Other Size $350 Non-refundable
Artisan Demonstrator 10x10 = $60 $60 Non-refundable 10x10 booth space
Artisan Demonstrator 10x20 = $120 $120 Non-refundable 10x20 booth space
Artisan Demonstrator 10x 30 = $180 $180 Non-refundable 10x30 booth space
Food Vendors. 10x10= $100 $100 Non-refundable 10x10 booth space
Food Vendor 10x20= $200 $200 Non-refundable 10x20 booth space
Food Vendor 10x30=$300 $300 Non-refundable 10x30 booth space
Electricity (First come, first serve; limited availability) 20 Amp Outlet $20 Non-refundable 20 amp outlet
Electricity 30 Amp Outlet $30 Non-refundable
Electricity 50 Amp Outlet $50 Non-refundable
Additional Gate Pass Ticket $10 This ticket will be in addition to your 2 extra tickets you'll be given for extra help at your booth. Please pre-purchase these tickets, as they will not be for sale the day of the event and your party will have to purchase tickets at the door.

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • What is your emergency contact information? Name, relationship, phone, email.
  • Gate Pass Policy: Maximum Allottments: 10x10+2, 10:20=3, 10x30=4. Please Indicate the number of allottments you require. Please read the description for more detailed information.
  • Gate Pass Participant List: Please list all gate pass participants here.
  • Food Vendors ONLY please provide a copy of your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Please describe the items you sell in brief. If you are a demonstrator, describe what you will be demonstrating.
  • Retail Vendors: Please choose your desired booth space. (Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are for both days.)
  • Choose your most accurate booth description:
  • Describe your customer walk way (all areas must be within your booth space) Check One:
  • If your booth does not fit within traditional spaces (with 2' of allowance on each side for stakes and tie-downs) you must contact us for special pricing or purchase the next size up. Please note here if your booth does not fit traditional spaces.

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 6
  • 1. Please provide photos of your period themed attire. All participants and booths are required to attempt to adhere to Renaissance period event themes. 2. Please provide photos of all items you are selling. 3. Please provide photos of your set-up and/or booth.
Spring Thyme with the Appalachian Renaissance Faire Exhibitors & Artists
Spring Thyme with the Appalachian Renaissance Faire Exhibitors & Artists
Spring Thyme with the Appalachian Renassaince Faire
Application deadline has passed