2024 Mushroom Festival Food Vendor Application

Deadline: May 31, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Sep 07, 2024 10:00 am - Sep 08, 2024 4:00 pm (EDT)
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

About the event

The Kennett Square Mushroom Festival celebrates our local mushroom industry, and our Kennett Square Community—the Mushroom Capital of the World. Festival attendees can sample a variety of mushroom inspired foods, from deep fried mushrooms to mushroom jerky and more. Learn about our unique process of growing mushrooms, meet our local mushroom farmers and take home local mushrooms! Attendees can also visit over 100 craft and food vendors, who offer mushroom-themed goodies while visiting the delightful Kennett Square boutiques, and enjoy a variety of restaurant options in downtown Kennett Square! The Mushroom Festival is a nonprofit organization, which distributes a portion of the proceeds from the festival, to various non profit community organizations thru a grant process. Please review our grant recipients on our website! Thank you for your continued support.

About the application

The 39th Mushroom Festival will take place Saturday and Sunday, September 7th and 8th, 2024 in downtown Kennett Square, PA. Festival hours are from 10 AM – 6 PM on Saturday and 10AM – 4PM on Sunday. This is an outdoor street festival and will be held rain or shine.  Food vendor booths will be placed on State Street in Historic Downtown Kennett Square.
The Mission of the Mushroom Festival is to promote the mushroom, educate consumers about the health benefits of mushrooms and to promote tourism in Southern Chester County, all while financially supporting local and regional charities through a grant process.
Special Note:
Accepted vendors will not be allowed to use the name “Mushroom Festival” or any of the Mushroom Festival logos on their products.
• Food vendors with Mushroom items are given priority.
• Included with the vendor set up packet, which will be emailed August 16, 2024, each vendor is assigned a check in location, spaces, and a set up time to prevent congestion on the festival streets.  Food vendor set up time is 5:00 am on Saturday morning. Plan accordingly.  Vendors who arrive late should be aware that the festival streets are closed, to all vehicles, at 8:30 am on Saturday and 8:30 am on Sunday. If vendors arrive after the streets are closed to vehicular traffic, vendors must park outside festival grounds and carry/cart materials to their assigned space.  Upon arrival to the festival area, vendors will be asked their vendor space number and check in location.  Vendors then will be directed to the vendor space location. Be prepared to unload all materials/supplies onto the sidewalk to set up the vendor space. 
• Vendors will be asked to park their vehicles off festival grounds once all materials are unloaded. Please do not begin setting up until your vehicle is moved. Vendors then return to their vendor space to continue set up of their vendor space.
• Vendors are to be prepared to have their exhibit ready for public viewing/shopping: Saturday, September 7, 9:00 am; Sunday, September 8, at 9:00 am.
The Mushroom Festival staff is on duty three hours early on Sunday to allow adequate set-up time and restock time for food vendors. The festival will run rain or shine. If severe weather persists, the festival may close for a short period of time and then reopen. 
A. Space Size: 10’ x 10’. All food vendors are expected to run their entire operation within the space provided. If any vendor exceeds the space provided, they will be asked to move within the defined area assigned. NOTE: Only one food vendor per booth will be allowed. 
B. Booth: Vendors MUST provide an appropriately decorated booth from which to conduct food and beverage sales. Booth sizes should not exceed the provided space. The height of the booth (including banners and displays) should not extend more than 15’ from the ground to the top of the booth. A booth may consist of banquet type tables, with side tables to create a horseshoe effect. Tables must have coverings (whether paper or cloth) to the ground all the way around. Table coverings should be decorated and festive, with décor appropriate to the food served. Menu boards listing food items are strongly suggested.
C. Tents: CANOPIES ARE REQUIRED and must be supplied by the vendor. Vendors will need to provide all materials/equipment for set-up (tables, chairs, backdrops, etc.). ALL CANOPIES MUST BE SECURED AND WEIGHTED DOWN WITH A MINIMUM OF 40lb WEIGHTS ON ALL FOUR CORNERS. The canopy should be secure enough to withstand a small thunderstorm.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sidewalks are to remain clear behind your vendor space during Mushroom Festival hours.  Open spaces are built into the layout of our festival for safety reasons.  Vendors who expand into the open spaces, beyond what was requested, paid for, and approved by the committee, will be charged for the extra space occupied, and denied future participation in future Mushroom Festivals. Pictures will be taken to document the breach of space and billed accordingly.
D. Power/Electricity: Food vendors have the option to purchase electricity for $75 for the weekend.  We offer 20 amp, 110-volt circuits. WE DO NOT HAVE 220 AMP ACCESS. Electrical needs for storage, preparation and operation must be listed on the Food Vendor Application. 110 volt, GFI (Ground Fault Interrupters) receptacles are utilized on site. Vendors must be able to use GFI receptacles. Extension cords ARE NOT available from the Mushroom Festival. Only heavy-duty, outdoor, UL listed extension cords may be used. We prefer you do not use generators.  
E. Propane/Grills: The use of gas/propane is permitted.  Food Vendors using grills MUST provide a means for smoke abatement.
F. Water: Water is limited on Festival grounds. We strongly suggest bringing your own.  However, if you are in need, please let us know.  Vendors need to provide their own food grade hoses and containers, which meet health code requirements.
G. Fire extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are required and will be inspected by a member of the Kennett Fire Company on Saturday morning before opening.  All food vendors who cook with propane or an electrical hook-up will have a 5 lb., Multipurpose, ABC, or BC fire extinguisher readily available. The fire extinguisher must be inspected and tagged within the past year. If you are not in possession of a fire extinguisher at any time during festival, your booth will cease operations until one is in your booth. 
A. Health Department permit: Food vendors must apply for a temporary food permit through the Chester County Health Department, 601 Westtown Road, Suite 288, West Chester, PA 19380-0990 Phone 610.344.6225 No refunds will be given due to failure to comply with Health Department codes. 
B. Menu: Any changes in menu options must be provided in writing, and approved by, the Festival Committee. Due to the potential for duplication, not all menu items will be selected. We want to ensure that every food vendor has the highest potential for success. Vendors may only sell items agreed on by the Mushroom Festival. Below are the detailed guidelines, keep in mind, all menu items must be approved. Photographs of actual booths and food are required. Past vendors are not exempt.
Please retain this statement of understanding for your records.
Vendors will be limited to a specified menu list submitted with food application and agreed to by the Mushroom Festival. The sale of breaded mushrooms, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and funnel cakes will not be permitted unless prior approval has been given by the Mushroom Festival Committee.  Basically, you can not add these items to your menu last minute.
Set Up: Vendors are responsible for providing their own setup (i.e. tables, extension cords, chairs and tents). Since the Event will be held as scheduled, regardless of weather, vendors should come prepared to protect themselves against the elements (i.e. sun, rain, wind, etc.). Forty pounds of sand (minimum) for each corner or comparable are mandatory to anchor tents, canopies, etc. 
No open flames such as candles, lanterns, kerosene or gas fired heaters and cooking equipment are permitted near or under combustible materials (i.e. canopies).
Hot surfaces from cooking and heating appliances, such as grills, hot plates and coffee makers, must be blocked so that the public is protected from physical contact with these appliances.
·         Exit door and aisles in the tent must be unobstructed to the vendors during festival hours.
·         Deep fryers must have splash covers.
·         No frayed wires or overloaded extension cords are permitted.
B. Parking: Parking is not allowed in the Festival area. Vendors are requested to park on side streets which do not have NO PARKING signs placed by the police department.  Additionally, box trucks or trailers should not encroach corners and remain 15 feet from the corner of any intersection.
C. Trash: Several large trash receptacles will be provided by the Mushroom Festival at key locations throughout the Festival area. Vendors are responsible for placing their trash in dumpsters located on the Festival grounds and not in public trash cans. Food vendors are responsible for removing any, and all trash from their areas each night and at the conclusion of the Festival. Those that do not adhere to this regulation and leave trash in their respective areas are subject to a $100 cleaning fee (deposit sent with initial payment).
D. Grease/Waste Water: Vendors are not allowed to dump grease or wastewater on the street or in sewer drains at any time. Vendors should have containers to manage their disposal and removal of grease. Wastewater ONLY containers will be made available by the Mushroom Festival and located near the booth spaces. Food vendors are required to have ground covering placed underneath all booths using grease to prevent spillage onto the street.  Violators risk their clean up deposit.
A. Booth Fees: Refer to Food Vendor Application
A certificate of insurance must be sent with your application.  The certificate must have the dates of the festival, shown below. Coverage cannot be less than $1,000,000. The certificate must also name us, The Mushroom Festival, PO Box 1000, Kennett Square, PA  19348 as additionally insured.  Again, the certificate must be sent with your application or we will consider your application incomplete.
Overnight security will be provided.  Each vendor is responsible for securing their own vendor space.
1. In signing the application agreement, vendors must understand that all items to be sold must be disclosed during the application process. If items are brought in and sold which haven’t been approved, festival staff will ask to have said items to be removed. Noncompliance will result in your removal from future festivals.
2. Vendor space fees are non-refundable upon acceptance into the festival.
3. Check or credit card number must be included with your application. Applications will not be processed without payment in full.
4. This is an outdoor, two-day street festival and vendor space spaces may not be completely level.
5. Vendors also understand that setup times are firm.  Any change needed for set up times must be communicated when set up information is received.  If vendor arrives late, vendor will need to cart supplies to their space as they may not be able to pull a car up to the vendor space unless determined to be safe by The Mushroom Festival staff.
6. Vendors are responsible for safe storage containment
and full value of all materials.
7. Electricity is available for some vendor space locations for an additional fee of $75. Please plan to bring 50’ to 100’ of heavy-duty extension cord to connect to your outlet.
8. The Mushroom Festival is not responsible for safekeeping, loss or damage of any merchandise.
9. Vendors are not permitted to bring alcohol or pets, except service animals, into the festival area.
10. Vendors may not sublet any portion of their space to another vendor.
11. The Mushroom Festival is not responsible for any items lost or damaged.
Please keep the Rules and Regulations for future reference.
The Mushroom Festival events will continue rain or shine. Events may need to be delayed due to the weather.  We attempt not to cancel whenever possible. In the event of severe weather, excessive rain or flooding, including thunder and lightning, events will stop or be delayed.  In those extreme cases, please be cautious and take cover.  Vendors are to be fully prepared to protect against adverse conditions, such as rain, wind, sun, heat, etc. If severe weather conditions persist, i.e., thunderstorm or lightning, the Festival will temporarily close down and then reopen. Vehicles will not be allowed in the Festival area during cloudbursts - please be prepared to protect your merchandise. Vendors are expected to reopen their vendor spaces as soon as possible once the weather has cleared and the Festival reopens. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather. All spaces are located on the street.  Drainage from rain can occur.  If you have tubs, cardboard boxes, etc., please consider placing merchandise on wooden pallets to keep your merchandise dry.
Please email applications to:
The Mushroom Festival
Attn: Vendor Chair
PO Box 1000
Kennett Square, PA  19348
All notifications of acceptance and space assignments will be emailed by August 16, 2024.
Early Discount Deadline – Application must be
received by May 31, 2024. After this date, cost is $1000.
Application Deadline is July 31, 2024 or until spaces are filled.
Rhonda Sarver, Vendor Chair
The Mushroom Festival


Food Vendor Space - Early Bird Pricing $950 Single booth spaces are 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep located on State Street. Additional booth space expands length not depth. Spaces are limited to a maximum of three spaces per food vendor.

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2024  Mushroom Festival Food Vendor Application
2024 Mushroom Festival Food Vendor Application
The 39th Annual Mushroom Festival