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Finish Line Festival (Sat, 4/20)

Deadline: Apr 18, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-06:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Date: Apr 19, 2024 11:00 am - Apr 19, 2024 7:00 pm (MDT)
Salt Lake City, Utah

About the event

The Quality of Life Expo features a variety of exhibitors showcasing the latest trends, designs, and advances in running shoes and apparel. The Expo also includes information on various sports, fitness, and nutrition.
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Special Events Management
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About the application

Welcome to the 2024 SLC Marathon Finish Line Festival Exhibitor Application!  Please provide as much detail as possible to help our team review your needs and best position your business within the race day festival. All booth assignments will be made by organizers to ensure optimal attendee flow. This is an electronic agreement and by selecting the booths, you are validating and approving this agreement electronically.

Terms & Conditions

1. Chicago Running and Special Events Management, Inc. dba High Altitude Special Events Management (HASEM) reserves the right to final exhibitor approval or to reject or restrict any exhibit or exhibitor. 
2. Exhibitor agrees that no refunds will be made to an exhibitor who fails to occupy space.
3. Exhibitor may purchase more than one booth.
4. Exhibitor agrees to be open and staffed during all show hours.
5. Exhibitor agrees not to sublet exhibit space.
6. All materials and displays must be arranged in such a manner so as not to disturb the aisles or exhibits in adjacent exhibits, either physically or visually.   Exhibitor agrees not to make undue noise, odor, or obstruct sales, use bright or hazardous lights, cause damage to the building or booth equipment, or act in any manner deemed inappropriate by HASEM.
7. Literature and/or other promotional material cannot be handed out or left for display, or otherwise distributed in any area other than the booth space at any time without the express written permission from HASEM.  Plans for specifically built displays must be submitted to HASEM for approval before the Expo opens.
8. All pop-up tents used for the Expo must have porous canopies to allow water to pass through. Please check with your tent’s manufacturers to confirm that it meets these guidelines. No flammable decorations or other materials of flammable nature (e.g. helium) may be used. Use of materials must conform to the (city) Fire Department Regulations. Proof of such flame retardant treatment must be present at each booth, as required, during the exhibition.
9. Exhibits are limited to 10’ in height (including pop-up tents, banners and any poles or standards). Any exhibit exceeding 10’ in height must have written permission from HASEM.
10. Exhibitor may sell pre-packaged food items intended for off-premise consumption only. All other food items, including sampling, need the approval of HASEM.   Free samples are limited to 1 oz. portions served in 2 oz. portion cups for food and beverage.
Any Exhibitor giving away packaged food or beverage products will be fully responsible for any and all liabilities that may result from consumption of their products.
11. Exhibitor will allow HASEM to use any photographs or video of the exhibit (and people) for its own purpose.
12. All Exhibitors must comply with the requirements, laws and regulations of the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, the City of Salt Lake City or other relevant authority, and all Exhibitors are deemed as having notice of such requirements and regulations bound thereby. All Exhibitors, whose businesses are based outside of Utah, conducting sales must obtain a temporary resale tax ID from the State of Utah AND collect and report sales tax.
13. Each Exhibitor shall indemnify HASEM against any claim that maybe made upon them in respect to any alleged infringement of any copyright or patent by another Exhibitor during the period of its occupancy of any allotted space.
14. Exhibitors must adequately insure and keep themselves insured to cover the liabilities under these Rules and Regulations. Exhibitors shall provide HASEM with proof of general liability insurance of at least $1 million per occurrence and in the aggregate, auto insurance of at least $1 million per occurrence and in the aggregate and workers’ compensation insurance of at least $500,000.00. HASEM reserves the right to require additional amounts of insurance depending on Exhibitor’s booth size and type of activity taking place at the Exhibitor’s booth. Prior to occupancy, Exhibitor shall provide such proof of insurance and a certificate of insurance listing High Altitude Special Events Management as additional insured on the general liability and auto policies.
15. Certificate Holder Name: Chicago Running and Special Events Management, Inc. dba High Altitude Special Events Management, 2221 W 43rd Street, Chicago, IL 60609
16. Exhibitor agrees that space assignments may be changed by HASEM.
17. Exhibitor agrees that all belongings shall be removed from the race site by 3:59pm, April 22, 2023. Any items left will be removed and stored at the exhibitor’s expense.
18. Selling is allowed. Products should be sold at a reasonable retail cost.
19. Exhibitor agrees that no exhibitor shall have authority to incur cost or liability for or against HASEM and all its related events. Exhibitor shall pay all costs pertaining to moving in and moving out. Exhibitor shall be liable for all damages which they may cause to the building or otherwise in connection with their exhibit.
20. Exhibitor agrees that in the case of war, fire, strike, government regulation, public enemy or other cause, the event or any part thereof may be prevented from being held. In that case, the management, in its sole discretion, shall refund to the applicant, his/her proportionate share of unused funds.
21. Exhibitor agrees to assume all responsibility for loss, theft, or destruction of goods or for personal injuries to himself, his employees, agents, representatives or visitors. He/she will hold harmless the Salt Lake City Marathon and its related events, Chicago Running and Special Events Management Inc. dba High Altitude Special Events Management, Salt Lake City Corporation, their officers, shareholders, employees and/or representatives from any and all liability in connection with any and all of the above.
22. Chicago Running and Special Events Management, Inc. dba High Altitude Special Events Management as owner and operator of the Salt Lake City Marathon reserves the right to the use of the Salt Lake City Marathon name, trademarks, logos and copyrighted materials. No use of the name Salt Lake City Marathon, and/or any of their logos, trademarks or copyrights for any commercial purpose or any merchandise for sale or giveaway is authorized without the express written permission from HASEM.
23. Should any question arise whether provided for in these Rules and Regulations or not, the decisions of HASEM shall be final and binding on each and every Exhibitor.


10x10 Finish Festival Exhibitor Space $1,100 Non-refundable Single booth space is 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep. No equipment, power, or other services are provided. You may add on some items for an additional cost or bring on your own.
10x20 Finish Festival Exhibitor Space $2,000 Non-refundable A double booth space is 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. No equipment, power, or other services are provided. You may add on some items for an additional cost or bring them on your own.
Power $150 Non-refundable One 20-amp 110-volt (standard household outlet).
Table $25 Non-refundable
Chair $10 Non-refundable

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • Tell us about your organization and why you would like to participate.
  • Will you be selling and/or sampling any goods or services? If yes, please describe and include general pricing (range is fine)
  • Are you going to provide some type of interactive experience or activity? Please describe.

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 4
Finish Line Festival (Sat, 4/20)
Finish Line Festival (Sat, 4/20)
Salt Lake City Quality of Life Expo 2024
Application deadline has passed