Katsucon 2024 Waitlist Application

Deadline: Feb 14, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Feb 16, 2024 12:00 am - Feb 18, 2024 4:00 pm (EST)
Oxon Hill, Maryland

About the event

Merchants Hall Registration for Katsucon 2024 convention.
Katsucon Entertainment
Katsucon Entertainment
Katsucon Entertainment
Katsucon Entertainment

About the application

This application is to be used for those who are interested in selling in the Merchants Hall for Katsucon 2024. Please complete the application as shown below.  
By submitting this application, you agree to the terms and regulations for Katsucon Inc, the Gaylord Resort Hotel and in our Katsucon Merchants Hall Information Packet. Submitting this application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the Katsucon Merchants Hall.  
Should you have any questions please reach out to our Merchants Department,
  • All exhibitors must submit an application to be considered for Katsucon Merchants Hall
  • All vendors are required to review the vendors packet and understand/accept
  • It is exhibitor responsibility to check announcements when applications open/close
  • The selection process is through an independent jury team
  • Some aspects they look for are professional/unique displays, quality of merchandise, uniqueness of merchandise offered, the fit with the convention environment and more.
  • Pictures of booth layouts are REQUIRED to move forward in the application process. Please make sure all websites/links/resources provided are in working order. If you do not have a picture, please create a mockup and submit that, as well as a picture of the merchandise you will be offering.  Emailed pictures are not an acceptable method due to high volumes of emails.
  • Vendor’s may apply for both artist alley and merchant’s hall if their merchandise fits the rules/standards for each. (Please double check the Exhibitor’s Packet. All non-compliant merchandise will be rejected)
  • We welcome all types of exhibitors from veterans to fresh faces. Every application cycle is a clean slate for all exhibitors on an equal field.
  • Please understand that there is a high volume of interest in the Exhibits Hall and we have limited exhibition space. Because of the overwhelming demand, we unfortunately cannot offer a table to everyone who applies. If denied/waitlisted, exhibitors are encouraged to try again and apply again next year.
  • After submission, Exhibitors will receive an email informing them if they are accepted/declined or placed on our waitlist. Vendor’s may request to be put on our waitlist (all waitlist must still be juried) Please do not email staff about application status UNLESS an announcement is made that emails have went out and you did not receive one.
  • We understand that denial/waitlisting can be frustrating. Please be respectful when emailing staff and understand that decisions are final.
  • No Refunds/Roll-Overs
  • No late applications will be accepted

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are located in the Exhibitors Packet on our website ( and at the end of the application.  Please read them before accepting.
  • Food Sales are not permitted, i.e., sodas, candy, or other edible items.
  • Raffles of any kind are prohibited unless all conditions are met as outlined in the exhibitor packet.
  • Weapons (except for foam, wood, or prop weapons) may not be sold.
  • Fan Art (i.e. Unlicensed Character Rips, Logo Rips, etc.) in the form of Prints, Posters, Buttons, wood burning, glass etching etc. No unlicensed item for which there is a licensed counterpart shall be sold.
  • Proxy selling, booth sharing, and AI generated art are prohibited.
  • Maryland law prohibits selling or dispensing contact lenses, including decorative lenses, without a valid and unexpired prescription.


10x10 Booth Space $500 Non-refundable 10' x 10' Booth Space. Included in this space is one (1) 6'x2.5' Table and two (2) chairs. Two badges are also included in this price. You may select up to four (4) booth spaces.
Corner Space $200 Non-refundable Optional surcharge for a corner space for a purchased booth. You may request up to two (2) corner spaces. Corner spaces are not guaranteed and subject to availability.
End Cap Surcharge (Upgrade with 2 booths) $500 Non-refundable Optional surcharge to an endcap for a purchased booth. Endcaps are not guaranteed and subject to availability.
Additional Badge $55 Non-refundable Additional badges. Each booth space comes with two (2) badges complimentary. You may select up to four (4) badges per booth space selected.

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • What legal name/entity is your business known as (or any other names used)?
  • Point of Contact
  • Why should our jury choose you? What makes your business unique? Any other special attributes?
  • Number of Booth spaces your requesting
  • What type of booth are you requesting? (Additional cost applicable, please see vendor packet for pricing)
  • Will you need Electric, Internet, or both?
  • Company Tax FIN (EIN)
  • Type of Merchandise
  • Do you sell 18+ merchandise?
  • If yes, have you fully read and understood the Katsucon 18+ policy?
  • Please provide any details of your products you are selling if you chose 'other' or have anything you would like to add about your product..
  • Any vendors you would like to be close by?
  • Any vendors you would not like to be near?
  • Have you been a merchant at Katsucon before?
  • If Yes, when were you last at Katsucon as a merchant?
  • Would you like to refer any businesses/vendors (please provide website, contact information, and type of merchandise) 
  • Have you had any incidents/issues with katsucon, Katsucon staff, other vendors, etc that we need to be aware of?
  • How many conventions/events have you exhibited at?
  • Will you be exhibiting alone/without any helpers?
  • Whats the minimum number of booths you accept?
  • Would you like added to our local waitlist? Local is defined as someone who can be contacted and show up in 4-5 hours or less if we have no shows/cancellations that need last minute filled
  • I hereby acknowledge that Katsucon merchant's hall does not accept any fan art or use of copyright material without proper licensing.
  • I understand that upon acceptance and payment, Katsucon does not provide refunds or roll overs.
  • I understand that application does not guarantee approval and that Katsucon staff reserve the right to refuse admittance for any reason, can move and place vendors locations upon their discretion up to and including the day of the convention, and that staff reserve the right for any reason to deny/remove vendors.
  • Anything you would like the Merchant Department Head to know?
  • Questions, comments, quips, quotes, cares, concerns?

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 1
  • You MUST submit a photograph of your booth and merchandise in order to be considered. If you do not have a photo of your setup, please do a mock up and send a photograph of that. Please include pictures of both booth setups and merchandise examples
Katsucon 2024 Waitlist Application
Katsucon 2024 Waitlist Application
Katsucon 2024 Merchants Registration