11.17.24 Vendor Application

Deadline: Nov 17, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Nov 17, 2024 12:00 pm - Nov 17, 2024 5:00 pm (EDT)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

About the event

Join us for our Howl-iday Festival at Tucker's Tap Yard! Artists and Makers you and your dog will love!
Catbird Events
Catbird Events
Catbird Events
Catbird Events

About the application

Tucker's Howl-iday is held at Tucker's Tap Yard in downtown in Winston-Salem NC.  2024 is our 2nd full year organizing events at this venue.
Please note: We do not accept MLM / Independent Consultant Vendors for this event
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Please make sure to read the below information carefully (at least once).  There is important information below regarding, acceptance, payment, and participation expectations.

Terms & Conditions

This disclaimer applies to all applicants & participants of Catbird Events. This is an electronic agreement and by selecting the booths, you are validating and approving this agreement electronically.
The is no fee to submit an application.  Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation of receipt to your email.  Within a week, you will receive an update of either acceptance to the event or that you are added to the wait-list. Just because you apply, does not guarantee acceptance into an event.
  1. Once approved, your card will be charged 60 days PRIOR to event date.  If your plans change and you no longer wish to participate, you need to contact catbird Events to notify them so your card is not charged. If you apply within the 60 days prior to event date, your card will be charged at the time of acceptance.  Once card is charged no refunds or credit will be given
  2. Event Booth Fee: $50 / spot
  3. Booth assignments & event information are sent out approximately TWO WEEKS before each event.  If you apply and are accepted within the two week period, the event information and layout will be sent after payment has been made for your booth spot.
  4. All vendors participate at their own risk and Catbird Art & Events disclaims all liability that may arise during the event.
  5. All vendors who set up a tent outside are required to have them sufficiently and safely anchored.  It is suggested to have 25 pounds or more per leg. If a vendor fails to properly weight their tent, the event organizer will request that you take your tent down or get weights attached.
  6. Vendors are required to man their own booth and recognize that leaving their booth unattended could result in damage, theft, etc that Catbird Art & Events and the venue are not responsible for.
  7. Vendor is responsible for collecting and reporting all taxes as necessary and required for your specific business type.
  8. Vendor is required to meet any permitting regulations for your type of product that may be required on local, state or federal levels.
  9. Vendor will not break down or leave before the event ends under any circumstance.
  10. Vendor understands that NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be given. (Under any circumstance).  If vendor has a change of plans or decides not to participate after payment is made, they do so with the knowledge that they will not receive a refund.
  11. Vendor will help promote and "share" event promotions.
  12. Vendor is required to follow all set-up, break-down, and parking procedures.
  13. Vendor understands this event is a rain or shine event and are expected to attend. No refunds or credits will be given because of weather conditions the day of the event.
  14. Vendor understands that no refunds will be given if the event has to be cancelled because of any force majeure.
  15. Failure to meet these expectations may result in not being able to participate in future Catbird Events. One pass will be given for special circumstances but if a vendor makes a habit of not meeting expectations they will be removed from any upcoming events without a refund.
  16. Catbird Events reserves the right to ask a vendor to leave an event and / or remove a vendor from future events if an issue does arise and expectations are not met.
  17. By submitting this application form, you as a potential vendor are acknowledging that you have received a copy of our legal disclaimer and agree to all terms that are contained within them if you are accepted to participate in the event. You are also acknowledging that once you submit this form, it is your responsibility to notify Kristin Schollander if your plans change or if you no longer want to participate in the event that you sign up for.

Organizer Contact Information:
Kristin Schollander


10x10 Booth - OUTSIDE $50 Non-refundable Single booth space is 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • Will you be bringing a generator?
  • Which Category Does Your Work Best Fit Into?
  • Approximately How Many Events Have You Participated In? (Any event, not just mine)
  • Do You Agree To the Participation Expectations specifically related to Payments, Not Leaving Early From The Events, and Tent Weights?
  • Have you participated in a Catbird Event before?

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 2
  • Please upload a maximum of FOUR photos. At least ONE photo should be of your booth set up and ONE should be a close up photo of your product. (If this is your first event, please include two photos of your product)
11.17.24  Vendor Application
11.17.24 Vendor Application
11.17.2024 -Tucker's Howl-iday Festival