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Arts & Crafts Application - Feb 1, 2024 Jury

Deadline: Feb 01, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Jun 08, 2024 10:00 am - Jun 09, 2024 6:00 pm (EDT)
West Hartford, Connecticut

About the event

Celebrate! West Hartford (CWH) is an annual, family-oriented, two-day community festival which attracts nearly 40,000 guests. Held on the grounds of Town Hall in this quintessential Connecticut town, the event features an award-winning Arts & Crafts Show, a Business Sponsor & Non-Profit Expo, an international food court, live musical performances, carnival games and rides, and FUNd Runs including a 5K & Kids' K Dash!
Town of West Hartford - Celebrate! West Hartford
Town of West Hartford - Celebrate! West Hartford
Town of West Hartford - Celebrate! West Hartford
Town of West Hartford - Celebrate! West Hartford

About the registration

The Celebrate! West Hartford Arts & Crafts Show is held on the beautiful Town Hall Common in West Hartford, Connecticut. The festival attracts master artists from Connecticut, the greater New England region, and many eastern states including Tennessee and Florida. The juried show prides itself on its creative mixture of long-term exhibitors with devoted followers and newly accepted artisans showcasing their work to our supportive community. Nearly 40,000 visitors attend the event each year which has repeatedly garnered prestigious awards from Sunshine Artists, Hartford Magazine-Best of Hartford and more.

Terms & Conditions

Exhibitors are accepted based on the originality and quality of their workmanship, the appropriateness of their products for this market, and the availability of space within specific arts and crafts categories. Items sold must be unique and one-of-a-kind. Only the original work of the participating exhibitor may be sold. Imports, works made from kits of any kind, mass produced items, wholesale goods, consumable products and food items of any kind are excluded. Health/beauty product applications must include a copy of your State of CT License. Found below. Sale or exhibit of items not listed on the application form will not be allowed.
Wholesale goods: Applicants offering any products which are sold through wholesale channels will not be accepted. The jury regularly reviews vendor websites and/or social media for compliance.
There are two jury dates: February 1 and March 1. It is highly advisable to submit your application for the February 1 jury as categories fill quickly. Jury categories include Fine Arts/Graphics, Glass, Jewelry, Leather, Metal, Photography, Pottery, Stone, Textiles, Wood, and Other. Once a category is full, approved applications will be placed on a waiting list. Participation in a prior year's show does not guarantee acceptance for the current year's show. There is a $20 non-refundable for the February Jury Fee; $25 non-refundable for the March Jury Fee and $30 non-refundable fee thereafter.
Spaces are on grass and are adjacent with no walkways in between. All displays must be enclosed in white tents with side panels so they can be secured at night. Tents and display units must fit within the space perimeters. Awnings must be a minimum of 6.5’ from the ground. It is the responsibility of exhibitors to provide their own display equipment (tents, tables, chairs, counters, etc.). Electricity is not available. Spaces may not be shared. While every effort will be made to accommodate special requests, final space assignments will be made at the discretion of the committee. Only tent displays are allowed - no vans are permitted.
Tents must be weighted or otherwise anchored for safety. All tents must be properly anchored with a minimum twenty pound weight securely attached to each side leg pole (4 total). Please address this public safety matter immediately after erecting your tent.
We will only guarantee one parking space, which is complimentary with your approved application. An additional space may be requested but is not guaranteed. Parking is available in Town of West Hartford lots.
Space registration fees will be charged upon jury's acceptance and are non-refundable. A credit card fee of approximately 2.9% will be charged by the credit card processor and added to your registration.
All exhibitors must have and display a valid Connecticut State Tax Number. To apply for a Connecticut State Tax Number, link to the page is found below. The show may be monitored by tax department regulators. Exhibitors not in compliance will be asked to leave. No refunds will be granted. "
Exhibitors may leave their tents and displays up overnight. Although general security will be provided on site from 6 PM Saturday to 6 AM Sunday, it is recommended that all merchandise be removed from the displays overnight.
Smoking, Vaping & Alcohol use are prohibited on the show grounds. Dogs are strongly discouraged. If you must bring your dog, Town Regulations require them to be crated or leashed at all times.


Standard - 10'x10' $300 Non-refundable
Corner - 10'x10' $350 Non-refundable
Corner - 10'x15' $500 Non-refundable
Standard Double - 10'x20' $600 Non-refundable
Corner Double - 10'x20' $650 Non-refundable
Jury Fee $20 Non-refundable Feb 1st non-refundable jury fee

Questions on the registration

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • CT State Tax Number
  • What is the media category of your work?
  • If you selected "OTHER" as your media category, what is your media?
  • Price Range
  • Provide a two-three word description of your work for the Event Program.
  • Vehicle #1 Type
  • Vehicle #1 Description
  • Vehicle #2 Type (not guaranteed)
  • Vehicle #2 Description
  • Do you a State issued handicap permit? (Only one allowed per exhibitor.)
  • How many vendor badges will you need?
  • How did you hear about Celebrate! West Hartford
  • I have read the updated Terms and Conditions in this application.
  • LIABILITY WAIVER: I bring to, keep and remove my property (including but not limited to, goods, tables, tents, vehicles, trailers or RVs) from the event at my sole risk. I knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily assume sole responsibility for me, my property, and persons working for or volunteering on my behalf. I shall hold harmless the Town of West Hartford, its officials, officers, agents, employees, representatives and sponsors, for all liabilities as a result of any action, claim, costs, damages, judgments, litigation costs, attorneys' fees, penalties or fees for bodily injury and property damage sustained by any person or concern caused in whole or in part by me, my goods and services, and persons working for or volunteering on my behalf at this event.

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 4
  • The jury requires one image of your complete display and three images representing the works to be sold at the show. JPEG formatted 300 DPI images preferred.
Arts & Crafts Application - Feb 1, 2024 Jury
Arts & Crafts Application - Feb 1, 2024 Jury
Celebrate! West Hartford 2024
Registration deadline has passed