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Deadline: Jun 30, 2022 11:59 pm
Date: Sep 17, 2022 9:00 am - Sep 18, 2022 5:00 pm

About the event

Suwanee Fest 2022 will be held in Suwanee's beautiful Town Center Park on September 17 and 18. The days will be filled with family fun including food, vendors, crafters, entertainment and more! The planning committee is hard at work making sure the festival is safe and will follow all guidelines for attendee and exhibitor safety.
City of Suwanee
City of Suwanee
City of Suwanee
City of Suwanee

About the application

A high note of Suwanee Fest is the outstanding talent that performs in Town Center Park. On the stage and throughout the park, you will find dance groups, acrobats, solo artists, bands, and other exhibition groups with very diverse backgrounds. Up-and-coming performers as well as established favorites entertain and delight audiences of all ages during this two-day event. Applicants will be... + More

Terms & Conditions

The City of Suwanee, a Georgia Municipal Corporation, and its agents, employees, and representatives thereof assume no liability or responsibility for injury or loss that may result to any exhibitor or his/her personal or corporate affects including goods for sale that may occur on the premises or may arise under Suwanee Fest activities. Applicant further agrees and acknowledges to hold the... + More

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Suwanee Fest 2022