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2022 Parade Application

Deadline: Feb 18, 2022 10:00 pm
Date: Feb 26, 2022 9:00 am - Feb 27, 2022 4:00 pm

About the event

Our 56th Annual Festival event, celebrating the Sabal Palm tree. Plenty of music, food, and fun for the whole family.
Swamp Cabbage Festival
Swamp Cabbage Festival
Swamp Cabbage Festival
Swamp Cabbage Festival

About the application

Line Up: 8:00 AM   Parade Start: 10:00 AM     Information:   The Parade Route will begin on at the foot of the bridge on Bridge street and end on South Bridge Street in front of the Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church. Bridge Street and portions of Main Street will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 8:00 am. Entries can begin arriving at that time.... + More

Terms & Conditions

Swamp Cabbage Festival Parade Rules & Regulations:   When You Arrive:   1. Numbers will be painted on the side of the street coinciding with parade entry numbers.   2. After check-in and once you have found your position, please move your entry to the side of the street immediately, DO NOT BLOCK the rest of the street. Parade officials and others entries will use the... + More

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  • THIS WILL BE READ VERBATIM TO THE AUDIENCE. Please write several sentances describing your entry. Be detailed and write exactly what you want to be said to the crowd and judges as your entry goes by.
  • Does your entry include music?
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  • Approx. Length of entry.
  • Would you like your entry to be judged?
  • Please select the category that best fits your entry; please note, “Overall Winner” will be selected by the Parade Judges for best entry.
  • what is the height of your entry? (power lines, and tree covered roads are a concern, Measure from the ground to the uppermost point of entry)
2022 Parade Application
2022 Parade Application
2022 Swamp Cabbage Festival