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2021 Parade Entry Application

Deadline: Nov 29, 2021 11:59 pm
Date: Dec 02, 2021 7:00 pm - Dec 02, 2021 9:00 pm

About the application

December 2, 2021 7:00 p.m. Hometown Holidays Parade 2021 is themed "Christmas of the Future."  Sponsored By Forsyth CableNet.

Terms & Conditions

All drivers are required to attend a safety meeting at the Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce. 57 N. Jackson St, Forsyth, GA 31029 Date Monday, 11/22: 6 p.m. Date Tuesday, 11/30: 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. (the same information is covered in all 3 safety meetings) Please read the following rules and regulations: NO live Santa on floats NO throwing candy - PERIOD! NO sirens during the parade NO... + More


All entries are required to submit a payment: $30 Each float entry is allowed ONE vehicle (with a trailer if applicable). If you'd like to use more than one vehicle to represent your theme or to accommodate participants, there is an additional $10 fee.
An additional vehicle to represent your theme or to accommodate participants(optional): $10

Questions on the application

User information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Additional information

  • Contact Person:
  • Address:
  • Contact Number:
  • E-mail:
  • What kind of unit are you entering into the parade? (Please check one of the following choices.) Each float entry is allowed ONE vehicle (with trailer if applicable).
  • What category are you entering? (Please check one of the following choices.)
  • Do you want you unit to be judged? (NOTE: Professional or rented floats are welcome to participate in the parade but will not be included in the judging.)
  • How many vehicles will you have with your group? What type of unit?
  • If accommodating pageant winner, please respond with name of pageant and title?
  • If accommodating walkers/marchers, please respond with number of walkers/marchers:
  • If accommodating band, please respond with how many will be marching?
  • If accomodating animals, please respond with type of animal and how many:
  • Please write a short description about your company or organization to help our announcers talk about your entry.
  • Our insurance requires us to have names of all the participants riding, carrying, walking, etc. This includes all persons riding on a float, carrying a banner, or participating in any way. Please list below:
  • Name(s) of driver of car, float, tractor, etc.:
  • Name of person responsible for your kids at drop-off area:
  • Phone number of person responsible for kids drop-off area:
  • All drivers and a representative for your kids drop off area MUST attend one of the safety meetings scheduled, please provide contact information(phone number and/or email) for scheduling:
  • As the appointed representative of the above names entity, I hereby release the Forsyth-Monroe Chamber of Commerce from liability, either direct or implied, from any accidents or damages that might occur. (sign below)
  • We understand and agree that the Forsyth-Monroe Chamber of Commerce has the right to deleted any entry from the parade for any inappropriate display or behavior by any participant and agree to abide by all rules. (sign below)
2021 Parade Entry Application
2021 Parade Entry Application
Hometown Holidays Parade 2021
Application deadline has passed