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KC Pride Parade Registration

Deadline: May 31, 2024 11:59 pm (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Date: Jun 08, 2024 11:00 am - Jun 08, 2024 1:00 pm (CST)

About the event

Annual Kansas City Pride Parade The KC Pride Parade kicks-off from Westport Rd. & Broadway Blvd. The route travels south onto Mill Creek Pkwy. and then turns east onto Cleaver Blvd. ending at Oak St. where KC PrideFest takes place at Theis Park.
Kansas City Pride
Kansas City Pride
Kansas City Pride
Kansas City Pride

About the application

This application is to provide the Parade committee with information necessary to produce a spectacular Pride Parade for Kansas City! Please provide as complete of a description as possible. Proof of insurance is required for each vehicle; this must be uploaded at the time of application.


The Parade Committee reserves the right to re-classify categories or refuse any entry into the parade that does not reflect the values, principals, and overall theme of the parade or that does not adhere to the policies of this Parade.


The Parade Committee asks that everyone remember that we are in this to work towards making our community better for everyone! So please make sure that everyone that participates in the parade understands the importance of respect and showing kindness to each other. There is a ZERO tolerance for anything less than meeting expectations of the Parade Committee.


Parade registration will close once capacity is reached; there is no guarantee that space will be available until your application is received and approved.

Terms & Conditions

As a prerequisite to participation in the KC Pride Parade, by submitting this application, as responsible party and representative for all participants of the aforementioned entry, knowingly and voluntarily assumes, on behalf of all participants, any and all risks inherent to participation in the Parade. Further, the submitter waives on their behalf and all participants associated with this entry, any rights to claims against the Kansas City Pride Community Alliance, KCPCA Parade Committee, their officials, volunteers, agents or employees for any reason including, but not limited to, loss of life, bodily injury, property damage and/or loss that may be sustained as a result of participation in the Parade. The submitter acknowledges receipt of and agrees on their behalf and all participants associated with this entry, to abide by the rules and regulations for participation in the Kansas City Pride Community Alliance KC Pride Parade. Acceptance of this application and participation in the Parade is strictly subject to the discretion of the Kansas City Pride Community Alliance Parade Committee, and the Committee reserves the absolute right to reject any application for participation in the Parade. Submission of a completed application and payment of the non-refundable entrance fee shall not be deemed as granting any applicant the right to enter or participate in the Parade. The Kansas City Pride Community Alliance or KCPCA Parade Committee is not responsible for any negligence or damage on your part.

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Standard Parade Entry Fee $250 Standard fee for all entry types.
Non-Profit Parade Entry Fee $150 *Registered non-profit organizations only* You must upload your IRS Determination Letter to be approved for this rate.
Additional Vehicle (for car clubs only) $20 CAR CLUBS ONLY: one vehicle is included with your application; additional vehicles require a $20 fee per vehicle.

Questions on the application

User information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Additional information

  • Business/Organization/Group Name
  • Primary Contact Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone#
  • Email Address
  • Day of Parade Contact Name (if different from Primary Contact)
  • Day of Parade Phone#
  • Entry Type
  • Additional Entry Details
  • Description of Entry
  • Will you be playing music?
  • Additional information
  • Non-Profit Documentation Upload
  • Upload: Vehicle Proof of Insurance
  • Acknowledgement
KC Pride Parade Registration
KC Pride Parade Registration
KC Pride Parade 2024