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Deadline: Nov 15, 2023 11:59 pm (GMT-06:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Date: Nov 24, 2023 4:00 pm - Nov 26, 2023 6:00 pm (MDT)

About the event

Attention all sci-fi fans and lovers of all different fandom genres! We are excited to announce the brand new event for all of you to celebrate your love of all things nerdy and geeky! It’s been a year since the last StarFest, but the wait is over as we present to you a new home for all your fandom needs at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. GalactiCon. An event by fans, for fans. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with celebrity guests from your favorite shows and movies, a dealers room full of the stuff you love, panels, comics artists and authors, literary discussions, kids activities, Cosplay, Fantasy, Star Trek, Star Wars, video gaming, board gaming, and much more! Mark your calendars for Thanksgiving weekend and bring your family or escape from them, and while you’re at it, get your Black Friday shopping done, support local businesses on Small Business Saturday, and finish your holiday shopping all in one place! Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate your love of all things sci-fi and geeky at the new home for the ultimate sci-fi convention. You’ve been to the stars…now explore the galaxy! At GalactiCon.
GalactiCon Denver
GalactiCon Denver
GalactiCon Denver
GalactiCon Denver

About the application

Do you want to host a panel or workshop at GalactiCon 2023? Share your love of your favorite fandom to make the first GalactiCon the greatest ever!

Terms & Conditions

  • The earlier you submit your panel, the better chance you have of approval and a good time slot. No panels will be approved after that date. Simply fill out the form below and submit to us for consideration.
  • You will receive one pass for the day of your panel issued to the applicant.
  • Programming can be discussions, lectures, presentations, or interaction sessions where you can discuss and showcase your favorite fandom! We are open to any ideas.
  • All additional panelists Must Have Their Own Pass for the Convention. No additional passes will be provided for panelists, so please make sure that each panelist has purchased a pass for the event.  Upon approval of your panel, you will get a discount code for additional panelists.
  • Panels should reflect an aspect of the fandoms we represent. GalactiCon does reserve the right to reject panels if we feel the material is not appropriate for our convention.
  • Make sure your panel is appropriate. GalactiCon is a positive event, which means that your panel cannot be demeaning, rude, embarrassing, or derogatory to anyone.
  • GalactiCon does not accept panels that require an admission fee. All panels are to be open to all registered attendees; attendees should only need their convention badge to attend a panel.
  • Notify us immediately of any changes or problems as soon as they arise.
  • It is the responsibility of the panelist to meet with the Programming Operations team at the convention at least 20 minutes before their panel starts if they wish to use computers or other devices in their panel. Please note that GalactiCon does NOT provide laptops in the panel rooms. We do provide adapters upon request based on availability.  Be prepared to connect to HDMI or VGA. We strongly encourage you to have a back-up plan because regardless of how well you or we plan issues can always arise.
  • Be respectful to GalactiCon staff, volunteers, guests, attendees, and the other panelists.
  • Start on time and end on time. All panels should end 10 minutes before the hour. This will give you enough time to clean up and remove your materials so the next panel can start on time.
  • GalactiCon will notify all panelists if their panel has been accepted by November 1st, 2023.
  • Every attempt will be made to ensure that the Panelist/s will be scheduled for their preferred day.

Questions on the application

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Additional information

  • Social Media
  • Title of your presentation
  • What category does your presentation best fit in?
  • The desired day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for your presentation
  • Description of your presentation for the program guide. Any additional information we need to know.
  • Names and contact information for any ADDITIONAL PANELISTS (optional)
  • Do you need AUDIO / VISUAL support?
Programming Application
Programming Application
GalactiCon Denver 2023
Application deadline has passed