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Panel/Workshop Application

Deadline: Aug 20, 2023 11:59 pm (GMT-08:00) Alaska
Date: Sep 08, 2023 4:00 pm - Sep 10, 2023 10:00 pm (AKDT)

About the event

Senshi Con is an annual convention that caters to enthusiasts of Asian culture, animation, graphic novels, and gaming held in Anchorage, AK. It is Alaska’s largest event where you can share your fandoms, make new friends, and enjoy a nearly endless array of costumes, live events, panels, contests, and shop your favorite artists and vendors. This is where you will find all application from Cosplay Masquerade, Panels, and Volunteering. Soon our schedule will be available.
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About the application

A panel involves a person or a group of people gathering to discuss a chosen topic in front of an audience. 

Terms & Conditions

When submitting your panel application, do not include Senshi Con in the title (I.E. Senshi Con Voltron panel, Senshi Con Steampunk panel, Senshi Con’s how-to’s for cosplay modeling, Etc.)

Do not include any material in the title or description of your panel that includes racist or discriminatory language. Senshi Con has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and/or harassment of ANY nature.


Be clear in your panel title and description. If we are unsure as to what the topic you want to host a panel on is, your application is less likely to be approved.

If the panelists fail to respond within two (2) days after the information is requested from the panel coordinator then your panel/workshop will be canceled.

If you are rude to either staff or volunteers your panel will be canceled and you will have a one-year ban from hosting panels/workshops.


Please have all the panelists show up to their assigned panel room a maximum of five minutes early. This will ensure that once the panel room is clear, there will be a smooth transition to the next panel and no one will be waiting around outside for an extended period of time. If you need extra time to set up, please email the Panel Coordinator as they are more than willing to work with panelists in this regard. DO NOT inform them of the day of your panel as the request will be denied.


Once your panel is completed, please be sure to clean up after yourself and leave the room in good condition.

Do not move chairs from their current setup. Due to the rules of the Venue, we are unable to change the seating arrangement unless otherwise coordinated with the Venue before hand.


Prizes/candies/goodies of any kind need to be approved in order to be allowed to be passed out during your panel. If approved, please make sure that there is no garbage left behind.


If your panel offers prizes, they need to be ready before the panel or the application will be denied. 


Please be sure to exit the room in a timely manner. Time management is important to keep the schedule running smoothly for all attendees. 


Follow your panel's rating scale, if your panel is PG-13, please keep swearing to an absolute minimum. Remember: this is a family event and parents like to bring their kids to see their favorite fandom!


Harassment will not be tolerated by either the panelists or an audience member. If anyone feels as though they are being harassed there will be a volunteer available on hand to mitigate the situation. *harassment includes: Racist/transphobic/homophobic/sexist/ableist language/bullying ETC.*


No nudity or alcohol, even in rated Mature/18+ panels.


Please keep in mind that even with Mature R/18+ panels please be aware this is still a convention and not all topics are appropriate to discuss or even joke about in the panel.


Workshop rules


No more than four (4) people running the workshop. If you wish for more to assist in the workshop contact the Panel Coordinator as they are more than willing to allow up to six (6) but only upon approval. 


If doing a demo, do not use materials that have strong fumes. 


No open flames.


If using paints or glue please either request a tarp or bring your own. Must request equipment on the application. 


Workshop info


For your workshop, we will be placing participants in one of the larger Panel rooms.


This will allow you plenty of room for those doing demonstrations. We will provide microphones and any other audio equipment upon request. Requests are done through the application. If you already applied and did not request equipment and realize you do in fact need equipment, contact the Panel coordinator (no later than a month before your panel) and they can make the necessary arrangements. 

Questions on the application

User information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Address

Additional information

  • Are you planning on hosting a Panel or Workshop
  • First and Last name of Moderator
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email address
  • Best method of Communication
  • Name of Panel/Workshop
  • What type of Panel/Workshop is this?
  • A short description of the Panel/Workshop
  • What is the rating of your Panel/Workshop
  • How many people will be in the Panel/Workshop
  • First and last name of co-hosts
  • Will you be playing any video or aduio during your panel/workshop?
  • Have you hosted a Panel/Workshop with Senshi-con before?
  • Tell us about it, how did it go?
  • If your panel is not initially approved, are you okay being added to a wait list?
Panel/Workshop Application
Panel/Workshop Application
Senshi Con 2023
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