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McNeely's Chainsaw Competition

Deadline: Sep 30, 2023 10:00 am
Date: Sep 30, 2023 10:00 am - Sep 30, 2023 5:00 pm

About the event

Enjoy one of the top events in the Southeast with food and craft vendors, family-friendly activities, interactive kids area, along with performances and demonstrations celebrating the Southern Appalachian mountain culture. Mountain Heritage Day is a gift from Western Carolina University to the community, and everyone from everywhere is welcome to attend. This family-oriented festival shows how much we value this incredible, beautiful region we call home and its diverse culture and history.
Western Carolina University
Western Carolina University

About the application

On behalf of the 49th anniversary Mountain Heritage Day committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the 2023 McNeely’s Chainsaw Competition, sponsored by McNeely’s Store & Rental, on Saturday, September 30 on the campus of Western Carolina University. With over 15 competition classes to choose from there is a competition for everyone!  We are looking for entries for all classes. There will also be a cross-cut competition for two person saws (coed teams are welcome), as well as a one-man bucking saw contest.  Trophies are awarded for the best in each class. For the Hot Saws, contestants will make two cuts. Please note that we have lowered the cutting stand and will require chaps and goggles for each contestant. We will provide the safety equipment if contestants do not have their own.
We stress fair play and therefore it is the responsibility of each contestant to adhere to the rules for fuel and Box Stock and Stock Appearing. We will furnish fuel for stock classes.  Judges have been instructed to carefully enforce the rules.  This year we will continue with another class C modified, B modified and A modified in Nitro/Alcohol mix – in this class only.  In keeping with the rules of Mountain Heritage Day no direct advertising (balloons, signs, etc.) will be permitted.  Hats do not fall within these rules.  


Terms & Conditions

The contest hours are from 10:00 A.M. until all registered saws have cut.  REGISTRATION DESK OPENS at 9:00 A.M.  ALL CONTESTANTS MUST BE REGISTERED BEFORE 10:00 A.M.!  (You must be 18 years of age to enter).  No one may compete unless he or she is officially registered and has paid an cash entry fee of $7.00 for each class and category in which he or she wishes to compete.  HOMEOWNER CLASS COMPETITION WILL COMMENCE PROMPTLY AT 10:00 A.M.  Should a contestant arrive after 10:00 A.M. for registration, he must pay a penalty of $1.00 or $8.00 per event.
There will be two roped areas for the contest; all contest activities will be restricted to those areas.  They are Area #1, registration, fueling, sharpening, etc.; Area #2 competition.  There may be no more than two contestants within the practice area (#2), at one time.  If a contestant appears to be unsafe in the handling of the saw or refuses to follow the instructions of the judges they will be removed from the contest. Safety equipment - chaps, safety goggles will be worn by each contestant in the chain saw contest.
There will be absolutely NO SMOKING allowed within the fueling area (Area #1).
There will be absolutely NO SPECTATORS allowed within any of the roped off contest areas (Areas #1, #2).
All decisions of contest judges are final.  Any protests must be registered with the judges.
We would like to stress the need for fair play.  Past experience had indicated to us that occasionally someone misinterprets the rules relative to fuel and Box Stock and Stock Appearing.  In the spirit of Mountain Heritage Day, we ask all contestants to be aware of the rules.
An individual will be allowed to enter as many saws as they want in the contest, whether by class or category.  Exhibition cutting will be allowed at the conclusion of the competition with no registration fee charged. Contestants who pre-register will receive a chance to win a Western Carolina University swag bag.  
Only standard gas/oil mixtures will be allowed except for the Hot Saw and Stock Appearing categories.  If the judges suspect that a contestant’s fuel is not standard, i.e., contains illegal additives, the judges may reserve the right to require that the contestant refuel with gas and oil available at the contest.  We will continue to have class C-modified, B-modified, and A-modified.   Nitro/alcohol mix is allowed in this class only.
The contest will provide 10”x10” square practice and competition logs.  Because the logs are donated, the kind of wood used will not be known until the week of Mountain Heritage Day.
In the preliminaries, all contestants will get two cutting times.  The top four individual times in each class will be called back at the conclusion of all preliminaries to compete in the finals for places 1, 2, and 3.  Hot Saws will cut last regardless of entries and will make two cuts.  Each cutting time for other classes will require two cuts of the log either up and down or twice down or twice up – contestant’s choice.  In the finals only one cutting time will be given.  The best time in the finals determines the prize placement. 
Competition will be carried out in four categories: HOMEOWNER, BOX STOCK, STOCK APPEARING, and OPEN.  There will be eight classes of saws: (1) Class “E”, (2) Class “D”, (3) Class “C”, (4) Class “B”, (5) Class “A”, (6) Class “AA” (7) “Hot Saw” (8) AA modified motorcycle parts.  CROSS CUT saws will be in two person teams, and there will be a ONE-MAN BUCKING SAW COMPETITION.
Homeowner:  These saws may not be modified in any fashion.  They are essentially Box Stock regulation, staying strictly within the displacement numbers.
Box Stock:  These saws may not be modified in any way.  They must run all covers and have stock cylinder, carburetor, carburetor block, air filter, and muffler.  The muffler and air filter covers may not be drilled.
Stock Appearing (modified): These saws must appear to be stock in every way; they must accept all stock covers; they must run original stock cylinder and muffler, but these may be modified.  Displacement must be stock.
Open:  There are no restrictions on saws in this category; the “sky’s the limit.”
Note:  Chains in any category may be filed as the contestant wishes.
Homeowner only................ up to 2.9 cu. in.
Homeowner only................ up to 3.4 cu. in.
Class “A"............................ 3.5 cu. in. to 3.9 cu. in...... Box and Stock Appearing
Class “B”............................ 4.0 cu. in. to 4.4 cu. in...... Box and Stock Appearing
Class “C”............................ 4.5 cu. in. to 5.2 cu. in...... Box and Stock Appearing
Class “D”............................ 5.3 cu in to 5.9.................. Box and Stock Appearing
Class “E” ........................... 6.0 cu. in. and up.............. Box and Stock Appearing
Class "AA" Modified......... 4.0 – 4.9 cu. in.
                                             5.0 – 5.9 cu. in.
                                             6.0 – up cu. in.
“Hot Saw” .......................... No motorcycle engines
Cross Cut Saw
One-man Bucking Saw
If a contestant believes that a competitor is using a Stock Appearing saw in a Box Stock saw category, he may ask the judge for a “tear down” inspection.  If the judge agrees that there is good reason to believe that the challenged saw is not stock, the person requesting the “tear down” must pay $25 to have a contest mechanic “tear down” the saw for inspection.
If, upon inspection, the saw is found to be stock, then the challenger forfeits his $25.  However, if the saw has been modified, its owner must pay the $25 tear down fee and will be eliminated from the contest.
All first-place winners will receive special trophies.  All second and third place winners will receive ribbons.
Parking for contestants will be as assigned by university police
Questions may be directed to:
Dell Pittman
Call or Text 828.508.8107

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McNeely's Chainsaw Competition
McNeely's Chainsaw Competition
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