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2023 Manitou Days Event Application

Deadline: Jun 03, 2023 1:00 pm (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Date: Jun 15, 2023 6:00 pm - Jul 04, 2023 11:00 pm (CST)

About the event

Manitou Days is a three-week summer festival showcasing the great lakeside community of White Bear Lake. For 50+ years this annual summer ritual has been a favorite of locals and visitors. The fun kicks-off with Marketfest and ends on the Fourth of July with a spectacular fireworks display to music over the lake. Festival highlights include the Grande Parade, the Beach Dance, the Boat Show, the Community Garage Sale, and more. Build a sand castle. Enter a fishing contest. Shop Downtown White Bear Lake. Do yoga on the beach. Hunt for a medallion. Dance under the stars. Watch fireworks on the beach. With 60+ events, this is something for everyone!
Manitou Days
Manitou Days
Manitou Days
Manitou Days

About the application

Manitou Days runs from June 15 to July 4, 2023. Approved Manitou Days events that fall within this date range will be publicized, free of charge, online at and in our advertising and publicity materials. To be accepted as an official Manitou Days event:


- Event must be open to the public

- Event must specify a date, time and location

- Event must be promoted and publicized by the event host as a “Manitou Days” event.


If you have multiple events taking place during Manitou Days, please submit an application for EACH event. (You only need to submit one event application for a single event that last multiple days.)


**Please submit your online application by FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2023 to be considered for all publicity. 


If your event takes place on public property in the City of White Bear Lake, you will ALSO need to submit a Special Event Application at . If your event takes place at a Ramsey County park, please contact 651-748-2500. Please provide at least 30 days notice to ensure approval.


There is no application fee to be an official event in Manitou Days. However, all events are required to provide proof of insurance. Please contact the insurance provider with whom you/your group are/is associated, and ask that a Certificate of Insurance be sent to the address below. The City of White Bear Lake should be named as an “additional insured” on the certificate. The White Bear Events Committee also requires a 30-day notice if the policy is being canceled.


Manitou Days Committee - White Bear Events

4701 Highway 61

White Bear Lake MN 55110 


To be approved and promoted as an official Manitou Days event, your event will need to be approved by the Manitou Days planning committee and comply with guidelines provided by the CDC, the State of Minnesota, Ramsey County and the City of White Bear Lake. All event applications will be reviewed by the Manitou Days Committee, and the event schedule will be brought before the White Bear Lake City Council for final approval. The Manitou Days Committee reserves the right to edit or omit any event due to space considerations and eligibility. If there are any concerns about eligibility, a representative from the Manitou Days Committee will contact you; otherwise events received on or before the deadline will be included in Manitou Days publicity. If you have any questions, please contact


Terms & Conditions

I acknowledge that Manitou Days prohibits any content, behavior, or products that contain discriminatory language regarding a person or a group on the basis of religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, or other identity factor. I also acknowledge that Manitou Days prohibits products that in any way could be used as a weapon, offensively or defensively. I understand that the determination of what is appropriate for the festival is strictly up to the Event Chair, without exception.


I agree that Manitou Days, White Bear Events, and the City of White Bear Lake are not responsible for damage, loss or theft of goods related to myself,  my business or my organization. I hold the above-mentioned entities, their volunteers and their assigns, harmless from any liability relating to my participation in the Manitou Days festival or its events. Further, I am aware that I am responsible for all appropriate federal, state and local taxes. If vending food, I agree to have the proper licensure and insurance coverage. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in my dismissal or removal from Manitou Days.

Questions on the application

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Additional information

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  • Is your location at a public park?
  • Event Description
  • Is there Entry/Participation Fee?
  • Event Sponsor(s)
  • In addition to Manitou Days promotions, how will you promote your event?
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
2023 Manitou Days Event Application
2023 Manitou Days Event Application
2023 Manitou Days
Application deadline has passed