White Snow Flakes on Clear - short Bud Vase - Eventeny
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White Snow Flakes on Clear - short Bud Vase White Snow Flakes on Clear - short Bud Vase

White Snow Flakes on Clear - short Bud Vase

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Made of glass and shaped like a wave. The Bud Vases hold water and can be used with fresh flowers. Designed to be a centerpiece on your dining table or a vase for a Mantle or a shelf. Short Wave is 10” long. This specific glass has random white glass “Spots” embedded in the clear glass.

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Gila Glass

Gila Glass is where you want to park for a while and look for great gifts. You might have visited our booth at a festival in recent years and if not, you might want to get familiar with some of our exclusive products like Photo Holders & Bud Vases. Although they share the same wave shape, Photo Holders are skinny and capable to hold papers, cards and notes but not water. The Bud Vases are heavier, wider & deeper and are watertight. Our line of Jewelry is made with top notch design & craftsmanship, usually easy to modify if needed, usually one-of-a-kind pieces. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions & requests. the virtual store has it’s limitations but with a little bit of communication we can add the human component. Please text my number below and I’ll get back to you in a timely manner. (925)212-4483 Gila. * Did we mention that everything was made by Gila Sagy, from hand-picking the sheets of glass, to design, cut, fuse, saw, grind and pack & ship when sending a glass baby to its new home?


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White Snow Flakes on Clear - short Bud Vase
White Snow Flakes on Clear - short Bud Vase
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