"Waterlily", 24"x30" Framed photograph - Eventeny
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"Waterlily", 24"x30" Framed photograph "Waterlily", 24"x30" Framed photograph

"Waterlily", 24"x30" Framed photograph

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This image is titled "Waterlily". It was photographed using a large format view camera (4x5) in a pool in Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the UP of Michigan. Taken after 4 days of strong storms of torrential rains and strong winds. The storm broke in the middle of the night on the 5th day. Sunrise held calm and beauty of an extraordinary nature. Waded out in a wetsuit to photograph. Image is 24"x30", mounted to Gatoraboard with a matte lamination on the surface. This protects the print, no glass is used, and the minuscule texture of the lamination breaks up light reflections. The image is in a wooden frame & liner combination that add 2.5" to all sides. Thus, the outside dimensions of the frame piece are 29" x 35".

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Length/Depth: 24 in
Width: 30 in
Height: 1 in


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The Nature Gallery

I create limited edition fine art photographs from film capture (medium & large format film of landscapes) and digital capture (closeup or macrophotography using image stacking). I create my own work and produce my own work. Images come in various presentations and I can customize to any size. Let's talk!


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"Waterlily", 24"x30" Framed photograph
"Waterlily", 24"x30" Framed photograph
The Nature Gallery

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