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Small Vanilla Stacking Bowl Small Vanilla Stacking Bowl

Small Vanilla Stacking Bowl

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This serving bowl has a satin vanilla glaze with black highlights. It is approximately 4.25 inches tall and 8 inches round. You can stack it with the other two bowls labeled "stacking" bowls listed in "bowls". This serving bowl is great to serve large amounts of pasta, salad or whatever your guests love at your next large get together. Handmade on the potter's wheel. Makes a wonderful gift. Dishwasher and microwave safe *As is the nature of handmade work, measurements are approximate. There can be slight variations in glaze color and size from pot to pot and how each piece reads on your computer monitor.

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Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 4.25 in


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Rebecca Lowery Ceramics

Be sure to visit my website at for more of my work. Rebecca Lowery was born and raised in rural Georgia, USA. She began her love of clay in college where she was an apprentice in the Berea College pottery for four years and received her BA in studio art with an emphasis in sculpture. After graduation, she taught, developed and created ceramics in Kentucky, Maryland and Indiana. In her current studio in Bloomington, Indiana, she creates whimsical handmade pottery and sculpture displayed at art exhibitions, galleries and festivals throughout the year. Artist Statement: Coiled, slab and thrown ceramic sculptures with underglaze and custom glazes fired to cone 6. I love “unlocking” our set perceptions and rebuild the world in my own images. Humans are bizarre creatures. We construe our world with our minds and lock those perceptions firmly in place to “make sense” of our world. What happens when we release the locks? Our minds can perceive far more than just what is in front of us, if we allow our minds to wander.


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Small Vanilla Stacking Bowl
Small Vanilla Stacking Bowl
Rebecca Lowery Ceramics
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