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Sample Dye Kit: Barrier Reef Sample Dye Kit: Barrier Reef

Sample Dye Kit: Barrier Reef

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A sample kit of Landscapes Dyes (known for their brilliance and quality) containing colors based on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. The kit contains six 20 gram jars of dyes in the colors of Azalea (brilliant warm red), Kingfisher (teal green), Galah (electric pink), Opal (iridescent turquoise), Sulphur Yellow (intense yellow), Cyclamin (beautiful warm purple). A pair of Latex gloves and instructions for dyeing yarn and roving are also included. This dye is for dying protein fibers such as wool from sheep, alpaca, llama, rabbits, etc. as well as silk and nylon. The colors also mix beautifully, unlike most dyes. They are color fast without added mordants (it is all in there!) Each 20 gram jar dyes 1/2 pound of fiber full strength. The dye can be used for dyeing yarn and roving and to paint wool and silk fabrics. This is a wonderful collection of colors that harmonize together beautifully. These dyes are great for beginners and the expert alike. All the yarn and roving I dye is done with Landscapes dye, so you can check out my dyed yarn here in my shop to see examples.

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Length/Depth: 14 in
Width: 11 in
Height: 3 in


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Sweet Tree Hill Farm

A woman owned farm raising 50 Shetland, and now Gotland and Shetland/Gotland crosses, producing a line of Shetland and new this year-Gotland yarn. We provide both natural and hand dyed colors. We also produce socks from our yarn right on the farm. If you would like solid colored socks knit to your shoe size, we offer that service. (Email us at We are also the US distributor of Landscapes Dyes. We design our own patterns and have put together knitting kits for this festival. Happy shopping!


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Sample Dye Kit: Barrier Reef
Sample Dye Kit: Barrier Reef
Sweet Tree Hill Farm

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