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Pink with White Carlyle Pen Pink with White Carlyle Pen

Pink with White Carlyle Pen

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This mid-sized pen from our Carlyle series is bubblegum pink with swirls of white ribbon, It holds a long lasting, dependable and easy to replace Parker-style ink supply. Perfect for any size hand, large or small. The two tone pen hardware is plated in bright chrome and gold titanium which is both elegant and durable. This pen is hand made with acrylic resin that was blended in small batches, even though the colors are the same, no two pens in these colors will be exactly the same. The standard glass pen holder is the best fit for this pen size. We have a pink glass holder this would look awesome with this pen. The pen will arrive in an attractive gift box and extra refill.

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Length/Depth: 0.6 in
Width: 0.6 in
Height: 5.5 in


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Evergreen Mountain LLC

Evergreen Mountain Pens is the artistic countenance and personal passion for Laurie and Gerald Wilhite of Santa Claus, Indiana. As two MBAs with long careers in the business world, volunteer fund raising, and enjoying every single day of observing and helping their children grow into remarkable adults, we are now more comfortable traveling the art show circuit and standing behind a lathe than a sitting in corner offices or board rooms. With a keen eye for attractive color combinations, and a talent for precision work, Laurie is the creative conscious of the business. Gerald is a former CEO who was always an artist wannabe and connoisseur of fine pens and meticulous craftsmanship. He learn cursive writing with a fountain pen in the third grade in 1957 and has been a frequent fountain pens user ever since. Together they work as a team to produce fine hand-crafted writing instruments which are as dependable as they are strikingly attractive. In addition to the colorful hand mixed resins used on many pens, there are many pens made of wood, various types of antler and a long list of additional materials. Some of the more exotic or at least unexpected materials include alligator jaw bones, watch parts, carbon fiber, leather, rifle cartridges, shark teeth, pine cones, coral, shark vertebrae, pheasant feathers, rattlesnake skin, brass, bronze, stainless steel, damascus steel, cherry pits, insect wings, and many types of stone including turquoise, malachite, jasper, soapstone and others. Forged glass pen holders are another product for Evergreen Mountain Pens. We met an artist who did beautiful glass paperweights and had a feeling that a similar technique could be used to make glass pen holders. After more than enough failures we finally found a way to produce the glass ourselves. The pandemic has changed our world. We miss traveling to art shows. We miss the other artists we have become friends with. Most of all we miss the interesting people who stop in to chat, look at, and sometimes purchase our pens.


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Pink with White Carlyle Pen
Pink with White Carlyle Pen
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