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Owl (Crescent Silver) ( 18" Tall) Owl (Crescent Silver) ( 18" Tall)

Owl (Crescent Silver) ( 18" Tall)

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Crescent Silver Owl Whooo’s looking for some cuddly fun? You can find it with our exquisitely crafted, Crescent the Silver Owl plush toy! Made with the softest grey and white luxury fabrics that mimic the look of real feathers, Crescent tempts all who see her to pick her up and give her a snuggle. Delicate airbrushed details have been added to her face and chest for extra realism. Silver’s inquisitive, alert expression can be attributed to large amber colored eyes that catch the light and give this stuffed animal an especially lifelike appearance. Bring this elegant stuffed animal home and she’ll gladly keep an eye on your room from a shelf but she’s just as happy snuggling in your arms. Supplemental Information: A group of Owls is called a Parliment. Owls are often associated with the goddesses Athena and Minerva and are assumed to be wise. This does not presuppose that any Parliment of humans is also wise. Non-magical Owls do not carry letters and get mean if you try to make them. This Owl may be an alternative for the following cosplay: Harry Potter (Harry Potter fandom) Hagrid (Harry Potter fandom) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter fandom) Merlin (Walt Disney) Athena (Greek Mythology) Minerva (Roman Mythology/Harry Potter fandom) Additional information Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 5 in Age: 3 Years & Up Size: 10" Tall

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Owl (Crescent Silver) ( 18" Tall)
Owl (Crescent Silver) ( 18" Tall)
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