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Modern Puzzle + Snack Box Modern Puzzle + Snack Box

Modern Puzzle + Snack Box

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Need some relaxing time alone or need a fun gift box for a couple or house of friends?! Send this to a friend who needs some time to unwind and recharge. Our colorful care package is sure to bring calm, peace or provide some fun and chill time with a friend. We curated this our Miro Abstract Faces jigsaw puzzle. The artwork is inspired by the Spanish artist Joan Miro. We paired it with lovely blend of exotic chocolates and nuts. What’s in the box: One 11”x17” Anthony & Stork Joan Miro inspired Abstract Faces jigsaw puzzle. The bold and colorful brushstrokes create abstract faces for a fun and semi challenging puzzle time. Although it looks challenging almost every puzzle piece has some color on it so putting it together is not as difficult as it looks. The puzzle is housed in a durable box with a patterned lid and white base. This jigsaw puzzle contains 250 pieces. Two JCoco Cayenne Veracruz Orange Chocolate bars. These non-gmo and gluten-free chocolate bars not only pack a major flavor punch, but are boldly visible in their bright orange and copper foiled paper. Made by Seattle Chocolate Company. One 1.06 oz. Afghan Roasted and Salted Shakhurbai Almonds. This naturally sourced superfood is nutrient dense and supports the improvement of women and farmers in Afghanistan. The pack plenty of magnesium, and a re a good form or protein. Yum! One Minnesota-made baltic birchwood box with sliding lid. This measures 10”x10”x4” and is perfect for regifting and reusing to store just about anything. Boxes come with recyclable paper filling and one sheet of vanilla colored tissue paper. The Greeting Card Includes a classic 3x5” Anthony & Stork flat card.

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Length/Depth: 10 in
Width: 10 in
Height: 4 in



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Modern Puzzle + Snack Box
Modern Puzzle + Snack Box
Anthony & Stork

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