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Art by Lisa Sell LLC Art by Lisa Sell LLC
Metallic Copper & Black Soaring Dragon Ornament Metallic Copper & Black Soaring Dragon Ornament

Metallic Copper & Black Soaring Dragon Ornament

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This listing is for one Metallic Copper & Black Soaring Dragon Ornament *Can come with a stand if you want a stand. This is one of the 3 dragon ornament designs I have made. These are my own designs. After being meticulously hand sculpted in Apoxie Sculpt clay, a mold is created and the design is cast in resin to create a lightweight, durable reproduction. Each ornament is then painted with a plastic specific spray paint and hand painted by me using professional quality acrylic paints so each ornament is unique. All of my art is my own creation from concept to completion and every piece is copyright protected. Each ornament is hand painted so it may look a little different than the one photographed but it should be very close. Each ornament is signed by me… the artist. It has a metal loop added so it can be hung and it will come with an ornament hook. The color may vary a little for what you see due to monitor coloring. WARNING! This is NOT meant to be a toy. Because of the size of the piece it could be a choking hazard and is not recommended to be around children 3 and under.

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Art by Lisa Sell LLC

Lisa Sell is a 2D /3D award winning artist with a passion for fantasy art. Many of her works feature dragons and creatures from mythology with graceful compositions and intricate designs. Lisa is best known for her 3D sculptures, along with her graphic design and illustration work. Her sculpted masquerade masks, fantasy sculptures, and illustrations are published, sold, and collected around the world. In addition to masks and freestanding sculptures, her detail oriented creations include jewelry, figurines, and wall art – all hand sculpted, some are hand cast in resin, and hand painted from her original designs so each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.


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Metallic Copper & Black Soaring Dragon Ornament
Metallic Copper & Black Soaring Dragon Ornament
Art by Lisa Sell LLC
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