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Like A Rolling Stone Like A Rolling Stone

Like A Rolling Stone

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Like a Rolling Stone ​30" x 30" ​2021 ​All Original @bobdylan vinyl records ​I've been waiting a while to do this one. Such a great songwriter and talent

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Deadwax Art

Please email for more information. Deadwax is the area on vinyl records between the last track on the record and the label that does not get used. Deadwax art was started by Alex, a 30 year old artist out of Los Angeles. He started off selling art on the famous Venice Beach. In 2017 he started doing artwork with vinyl records then took his art on the road traveling all over the US and doing all sorts of music and art festivals. His art goal is to portray how music can make you feel, the emotions or memories that come from listening to a certain artist or song. The best part is hearing how people have these memories that they think of while experiencing the art work.


Like A Rolling Stone
Like A Rolling Stone
Deadwax Art
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