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Inner child 2 Inner child 2

Inner child 2

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"My inner child" Who am I? How am I? Am I as I am supposed to be? And, According to whom? We have been created as beautiful both inside and out, but since our earliest memory, we have been labeled. These are labels and expectations that we've tried to live up to in order to be accepted. We have been told what height we should be, what size we should be, and in the process of achieving these requirements, we have sacrificed our own happiness. We measure and compare ourselves constantly, not only physically but professionally. This process can be painful, it hurts us, and it does not let us see how beautiful we are, just as we are, just as God created us. This series touches on the theme of our inner child, who plays freely with the elements of self-judgement that are constantly “recycled” in order to be accepted, and are “measured” and “labeled” according to others parameters and in spite of being constantly hurt, we look for our inner beauty, its freedom, its reason for being.

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Length/Depth: 20 in
Width: 3 in
Height: 24 in
Length/Depth: 24 in
Width: 6 in
Height: 26 in


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Inner child 2
Inner child 2
Mely Gonzalez

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