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Gurkha Grand Reserve Toro Gurkha Grand Reserve Toro

Gurkha Grand Reserve Toro

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Toro Gurkha is a dynamite, top-of-the-line Dominican. Gurkha cigars are hand-rolled from the finest tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic. The Louis XIII line is one of the finest that Gurkha makes. The Grand Reserve (copper) features a premium Connecticut shade wrapper, and each cigar is infused with fine Louis XIII Cognac, resulting in a unique, subtle, pleasant finish. Not dipped, sprayed or injected, this secretive process is utterly unique, resulting in an extraordinarily mellow, subtle and refined taste that has not been duplicated by any other cigar maker. Each cigar is gorgeously presented under glass in crystal tubos, and each glass tube is characteristically hand-dipped in wax for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

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Gurkha Grand Reserve Toro
Gurkha Grand Reserve Toro
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