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Get Naked, Just Kidding This Is A Half Bath That Would Be Weird!! Funny conversation piece for your half bath!! Chalk painted in ocean mist and bright white on a gorgeous board framed in white and mounted on a distressed pillar. Sign is detachable so it can be displayed on the pillar or on its own. There is a set screw on the back of the pillar to secure the board in place. 9" W x 13" H when attached to the pillar. *Image can be chalk painted in two different colors other than ocean mist and bright white, please see the chalk paint color option picture to see additional colors. Please message me with which color choice you would like. Thanks!!

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Length/Depth: 3.5 in
Width: 9 in
Height: 13 in


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Get Naked Pillar
Get Naked Pillar
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