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garden gnome stakes garden gnome stakes

garden gnome stakes

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the garden gnome stakes are made from gourds and bamboo stakes. Stakes can be placed out side or in pots. They are sprayed and protected from weather. Many people say they have been in the yard 3-4 years and look the same! Please specify the color combo you would like. Each stake is created a little differently. 1.4oz approx. 21"x2"

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Length/Depth: 2 in
Width: 2 in
Height: 21 in


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John Lundy Sculptures

John Lundy- Artist Statement While spending years in North Georgia as an artist and educator, surrounding my self with the nuance and history of the area have helped shape and inspire my creativity and passion. I think the words nuance and idiosyncrasy really sum up what I strive for aesthetically in my pieces as well as other artists I enjoy. Conceptually, the words whimsical, wonder, and subtle humor come to mind to describe my sculptures. Though staying true to folk art materials and processes, I attempt to add a contemporary spin on the final outcome while also making sure the raw subtleties of the genre are not lost. Paper mache, clay, wood, metal, found objects and other natural materials are used to create my sculptures. I take pride in the process and look forward to each step as I never know what it may be as well as with the final outcome. Animals, nursery rhyme characters, vintage circus themes and other whimsical oddities inspire me concerning subject matter and challenge me as well since I’m always searching for that next character to interest me. Since my love for creating began almost 40 years ago, my inspirations, style and materials have evolved. I believe that being set in your ways concerning these areas leads to complacency and a lack of creativity. Though these things have changed for me as time moves on, my love for art and creativity has not.


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garden gnome stakes
garden gnome stakes
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