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Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare

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You never really know what can be lurking in the cemeteries you casually drive by. Kelly McLaughlin, an innocent six-year-old girt didn't even know that spirits existed when an apparition materialized, instantly tapped into her consciousness, and followed her home. It quickly targeted her sixteen-year-old brother, Tyler. When he and his friends attempted contact with a Ouija board, they inadvertently invited a group of inhuman, diabolical spirits into their lives. These spirits isolated and terrorized the family and their friends until they finally sought out the alpha, the wealthy, real estate broker father, who was a natural skeptic and the last one to believe in ghosts. In this tale of real haunting phenomena, a Connecticut family's home is infested and the family is oppressed by spirits from beyond the grave. Will the McLaughlin's ever get their lives back? Or will these spirits continue to haunt them? This book is a paranormal powerhouse, but what makes it truly unique is that it contains a chapter-by-chapter analysis where McLeod explains spirit activity through Quantum Physics,the Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration, Intention and Conscious Manifestation. Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare is the most terrifying case of inhuman, diabolical Infestation, Oppression and Possession McLeod has ever personally investigated. It is a must read for any paranormal enthusiast, investigator, or researcher - and most of all, for anyone who had endured, or who is currently experiencing paranormal activity for themselves.

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JASON MCLEOD is a paranormal investigator, demonologist, spiritualist, and intuitive empath. He is also one of only a small handful of investigators who began their instruction and career working for and with the late, legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren. McLeod has spent the last 33 years helping individual families deal with the human spirits who linger in their lives and the inhuman spirits who seek to ruin them. He is the author of the Dark Siege Series beginning with his first self-published novel Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family’s Nightmare – The Terrifying True Case of Demonic Infestation, Oppression and Possession. This paranormal powerhouse was written in a cinematic writing style that makes readers feel as though they are standing beside the beleaguered family, the investigators and the clergy as the horrors unfold. The book is impossible to put down. His second release picks up two months after the case was initially resolved, aptly titled, Dark Siege 2: The Nightmare Returns. This half of the case dealt with Demoniacal Retribution involving both Incubus and Succubus attacks of a extremely disturbing sexual nature, so disturbing in fact, that the sequel would have never gone to print if it weren’t for the encouragement of Bishop James Long. He read the entire novel in one sitting and convinced McLeod that there is an urgent need for people to know that such activity is not only real, but that people experiencing it need to seek help from clergy immediately. Attacks of this nature are rare, but they are extremely serious. Today, McLeod conducts engaging presentations on the subjects of spirituality, consciousness, quantum physics, meditation, metaphysics, paranormal investigation and demonology on radio blog broadcasts, and at paranormal and horror conventions, spirituality expositions and on podcasts throughout the country. His purpose is to warn people against dabbling in things they do not understand and opening doors that need to remain closed.


Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare
Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare
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