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Book Charm Pendants

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Bringing back this favorite retired line for our Dragoncon customers. These little book charms include either chain or cord. Great to wear or just display! NOTE: Books DO NOT open and do not get them wet as they are only sealed paper-stock *Please expect minor imperfections as these are a retired product*

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1984-Eye12 available 1984-Words1 available Alice in Wonderland5 available Bleach Manga2 available Call of Cthulhu4 available Catcher in the Rye1 available Charlotte's Web9 available Clockwork Orange3 available Dante's Inferno1 available Death Note1 available Divergent9 available Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?1 available Dracula6 available Dragonflight-Green0 available Dragonflight-White1 available Dune3 available Edgar Allen Poe6 available Fairy Tail Manga0 available The Fellowship of the Ring2 available Foundation6 available Frankenstein5 available Game of Thrones0 available The Great Gatsby2 available Harry Potter6 available Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy6 available The Hobbit8 available The Hunger Games6 available Jane Eyre2 available The Last Unicorn1 available The Left Hand of Darkness5 available The Lightning Thief4 available Little Women1 available The Neverending Story-Novel4 available The Neverending Story-Movie Prop1 available Outlander6 available Pathfinder4 available Pride & Prejudice5 available The Princess Bride1 available A Princess of Mars9 available Return of the King5 available Sailor Moon Manga0 available The Shining4 available Slaughterhouse-Five2 available Stranger in a Strange Land10 available Superman5 available Sword in the Stone4 available To Kill a Mockingbird7 available The Two Towers3 available Watership Down3 available White Fang3 available Wicked6 available The Wizard of Earthsea8 available The Wonderful Wizard of Oz2 available A Wrinkle in Time-Orange6 available A Wrinkle in Time-Blue2 available Tardis Journal0 available

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Book Charm Pendants
Book Charm Pendants
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