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Unique Art by Nico Bielow Unique Art by Nico Bielow
Atlanta Umbrella by Nico Bielow Atlanta Umbrella by Nico Bielow

Atlanta Umbrella by Nico Bielow

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The popular umbrella can be ordered directly from this link. Simply copy and enter it into the browser bar. Shipping It costs $ 28.74 • Using heat sublimation technique to prevent discoloring, long-lasting effects. • 8 ribs made from strong fiber for extra support. • Each rib sized in 21.7 inch and consists of 3- section aluminium for flexibility and strength. • Gripped plastic handle for firm hold, sized in 25.6 inch. • Umbrella Dimensions: Closed Length: 10.04 inch, Coverage Diameter: 37.01 inch. shipping about two weeks but can also take longer due to Corona.

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Im a Pop Art Artist, and Love Colors.

Unique Art by Nico Bielow

My name is Nico Bielow and I am a passionate and professional artist and author living in Atlanta for five years. 17 years ago I started with my creativity in Bremen, Germany with my first paintings. As on that day, I didn’t use any brushes but exclusively with any other houshold objects, e.g. forks, knives, toothpicks, glasses or even a hair dryer. If I don’t paint on paper, I create my unique digital artwork on the computer. For a few years, you can get most of the patterns on different products you can find here and online e.g. bags, T-Shirts, umbrellas, etc. Next to painting, I also write books in my mother language German. Until I published four book whereas all of them ranked in the Amazon Charts. The newest book will released in 2019. Since 2013 I’m permanently represented with my artworks in Swiss Art Projects. 2015 paintings were printed on five pages in an Indian Art Magazine. One of my self-paintings can be found in the Tina Turner Museum in Brownsville, TN who decided to chose my portrait in the permanent exhibition. For 5 years, I publish calendars in many different countries published by the same company like Harry Potter. Since 2017 I’m amongst other things a fix publisher on the Marietta Artisan Market and part of different Art exhibitions and Festivals in Atlanta.


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Atlanta Umbrella by Nico Bielow
Atlanta Umbrella by Nico Bielow
Unique Art by Nico Bielow

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