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"Artist's Choice" Centerpiece Clock "Artist's Choice" Centerpiece Clock

"Artist's Choice" Centerpiece Clock

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“Sometimes, a special piece of wood catches my eye. This Curly Maple wood is one of the most expressive pieces of maple wood that i have had the pleasure of using. I think that the design of this clock and the Curly Maple wood has made it my favorite clock to date.” Joe Jacob, Artist Each centerpiece clock is exclusive, meaning that this is a one-of-a kind, artist signed creation. We have searched for and chosen expressive hardwoods for each individual project. Our hardwoods are skillfully crafted using traditional woodworking techniques and finishes. The hardwoods glow under their hand rubbed oil finishes. The metal artwork is created using heavy gauge aluminum. The aluminum art is painted with an acid resistant paint and then submerged into a bath of acid where the unpainted background is etched away. The acid resistant paint is removed and the artwork is revealed. The metal art is then worked using saws, files and buffing. The metal art is combined with the wood to create these amazing contemporary wall clocks. We all check to see what time it is. Look at this piece and enjoy your functional artwork.

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Length/Depth: 1 in
Width: 25 in
Height: 41 in
Length/Depth: 4 in
Width: 28 in
Height: 44 in


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Jacob Rogers Art

The name “Jacob Rogers Art” comes from combining the last names of two artists: Joe Jacob and Evy Rogers. We work together to integrate fine art with function. We combine our experience and talent to create art clocks, tables, and functional art accessories that mix beautifully figured woods with paintings etched in metal. Rogers and Jacob have studios in Pennsylvania where fine art meets fine craftsmanship. Rogers designs and hand paints the aluminum pieces in her studio. Jacob has a metal and wood workshop/studio where he acid-etches the art into the metal. He incorporates the acid-etched metal art with wood to create the rare and original Jacob Rogers Art.


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"Artist's Choice" Centerpiece Clock
"Artist's Choice" Centerpiece Clock
Jacob Rogers Art

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