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Winter Fun Sledding X-Large! Winter Fun Sledding X-Large!

Winter Fun Sledding X-Large!

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These children are having lots of winter fun sledding down a hill! It's a LARGE-sized ornament! 4 3/4” x 8” This HANDMADE ornament is made from traditional materials; *PAPER SCRAP: Image was scanned from an antique Christmas card from the early 1900's. *EMBOSSED FOIL MEDALLIONS: All are handmade in Germany on 150-year-old machines. While visiting there, I watched these beautiful foil papers being made by a third-generation producer. The Victorians used these very same foils in making their ornaments! *SPUN GLASS CIRCLE and COMET TAIL: These are made with super thin pieces of glass! They are super shiny and actually flexible because they are so thin. In the Mid Century, it was called Angel Hair and people put “clouds” of it on mantles. There are very few people still handcrafting these. I was very lucky to have met an 85-year-old woman in Germany who agreed to make them for me. *3 MERCURY GLASS BEADS: Very popular in the mid-century! Even the backside of this ornament is beautiful, see photo above. The wonderful thing about this ornament is that it is very LIGHTWEIGHT, being mostly paper, so can hang at the end of the branch where it can be seen! This ornament is made to hang, but I also make special TREE TOPPERS in this shop. One is in the last photo above. This ornament will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree and become part of your family’s special Holiday Tradition. It fits perfectly in the gift box provided so you will always have a safe place to store it from year to year. I have 2 etsy shops Find kits and supplies to make your own ornaments. Find art work made from vintage artifacts. Thanks for stopping by!

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Length/Depth: 0.5 in
Width: 4.75 in
Height: 8 in


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Winter Fun Sledding X-Large!
Winter Fun Sledding X-Large!
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