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Black Walnut Serving Slab Black Walnut Serving Slab

Black Walnut Serving Slab

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Wow! This black walnut has the character and puts on a show. Not only as a gorgeous serving slab that'll impress your most dignified guests but also as a beautiful base for candles, greenery, fruit, or better yet...nothing at all. **Width is 24" at widest point, 15" at narrow end.**

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Length/Depth: 28.5 in
Width: 24 in
Height: 3 in


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AMH & Co - Artisan

A LITTLE ABOUT ME For the past 14 years, I've been a student of and/or worked in the areas of interior design, high-end Parisian fashion, woodworking, watercolor painting, hospitality and promotion. I adore the creative & challenging process of working within a medium like wood, watercolor, leather and cowhide, because of their organic, unique nature. While I may be able to duplicate certain characteristics like the cut, overall finished size and/or paper type, I can't duplicate the materials used; this is what I love. Who wants what everyone else can have, anyway? Be unique. Be creative. Be You.


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Black Walnut Serving Slab
Black Walnut Serving Slab
AMH & Co - Artisan
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