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Mississippi Crappie Mississippi Crappie

Mississippi Crappie

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Silhouette on wood using acrylic gels and tar, reclaimed architectural salvage, and vintage ephemera. Framed with reclaimed wood and ready to hang.

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Length/Depth: 3 in
Width: 36 in
Height: 24 in


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Jimmy lives in Columbus, MS, and is a United Methodist pastor by day and mixed-media artist by night. He is self-taught and has always possessed an appreciation for the creative arts. Jimmy began pursuing art seriously ten years ago when his passion for painting was stimulated by attending the Gumtree Art Festival in Tupelo, MS. A quick trip to the local hobby store, the purchase of few art books and magazines, and a tour of regional art galleries brought Jimmy’s dream of painting alive. Over the years, he has developed his passion as an artist following two simple rules: never be afraid to try new something new and practice until you succeed. Jimmy’s silhouettes merge multiple layers of materials and interests into distinctive pieces of art. Each work incorporates the theme of restoration, bringing new life to reclaimed wood, salvaged objects, and other recycled materials. Beginning in the workshop, a silhouette figure emerges, hand-cut from birch. Next, multiple layers of vintage ephemera, acrylic paint, gels, and wax are applied to create a background that tells a unique story about the subject of the painting. Finally, the silhouette is filled in using reclaimed materials found at architectural salvage stores, on the side of the road, and various other places to preserve memories from the past so they can connect to us in the present.


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Mississippi Crappie
Mississippi Crappie
Jimmy Criddle

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