You're Weird Note Card - Eventeny
Lisa Morales Mixed Media Lisa Morales Mixed Media
You're Weird Note Card You're Weird Note Card

You're Weird Note Card

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Blank note card with envelope.

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Length/Depth: 0 in
Width: 4.25 in
Height: 5.5 in


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Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I began my art journey on the performing side of the art spectrum as a dancer. It wasn't until the age of 42 that I took a drawing class and fell in love with the visual side of art. Collage and a small paper addiction soon followed. My work is created with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pieces of paper that I hand paint, texture, tear, and place one piece at a time.

Lisa Morales Mixed Media

I create collages made from hand painted papers. Each collage is made with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pieces of paper that are torn by hand and placed individually. Many times, there will also be images hiding in plain sight that relate to the subject matter. People viewing my work for the first time often think they are looking at an acrylic painting. It is only when they step in and view the work up close and personal that they begin to see the myriad of papers, each one different from the next, working together to create a harmonious image.


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You're Weird Note Card
You're Weird Note Card
Lisa Morales Mixed Media
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