Air Plant 3 Pack - Wild Variety - Eventeny
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Air Plant 3 Pack - Wild Variety Air Plant 3 Pack - Wild Variety

Air Plant 3 Pack - Wild Variety

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This listing is for a nice range of wild leggy air plants. 3 air plants included, natural in color. These plants range from 4 inches to 9 inches. Care card included. Plants: Tillandsia Bulbosa (waxy, dark green air plant) Tillandsia Butzii (spotted air plant) Tillandsia Caput Medusae (fuzzy light green air plant) Air plants require no soil (getting all their nutrients from the air and water), all will bloom and self propagate.

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Hi there, my name is Jenn and I grow Tillandsia, otherwise known as Air Plants. I propagate these amazing plants, in my boutique greenhouse, as a medium that I use to create unusual, living pieces for indoor or outdoor use. My aim is to continually bring into existence new ways of creating thought provoking pieces. My inspiration comes from the natural environments where Tillandsia grow: tropical forests, exotic beaches, and deep woodlands. My goal is to capture and present the magical beauty of these unique plants in easy to care for pieces. Tillandsia are used in interior design in almost any setting including areas of the home that are generally not suited for plants. They require no soil, get all their nutrients from the air and water, self-propagate and are truly amazing and otherworldly.

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Air Plant 3 Pack - Wild Variety
Air Plant 3 Pack - Wild Variety
The Artizan Way
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