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You are forever my always You are forever my always

You are forever my always

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You are forever my always is an original hand lettered design with a golden heart rock in a golden 5 1/2 x 5 1/2" table top frame.

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Out of our pain, comes our passion, comes our purpose....It is said that every artist dips his brush inside his own soul and paints himself into his picture - how true! To me, art is very much a work of heart. That is how I feel about each piece I create. My passion and purpose is to create something to bless, encourage, uplift and inspire your heart. For my art, I love to use broken things - sea glass, sea pottery, heart rocks and shells collected from my walks along the shore, and combine them with my original watercolors, alcohol inks and my unique hand lettering. The end result is unique art, handcrafted with heart! From my heart to yours.......Debbie


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You are forever my always
You are forever my always
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