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Palm Tree Head Mask Palm Tree Head Mask

Palm Tree Head Mask

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One-of-a-kind Palm Tree Head Mask Hanging Art Piece. Red face embellished with dichroic glass. This is a Masterpiece! Our products are each hand-made and each one is slightly different. The product you receive will be slightly different from the one pictured here.

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I am a self tought glass artist. Art has always been a part of my lifes interest. I began making glass work with a vision of it being my life work and not really knowing what direction it would go. Starting at ground "0" teaching myslelf threw trial and error. I learned the traditional copper foiling and soildering. But when the cost of metal sky rockedted I knew I had to reinvent my art work. Purchasing a glass kiln 6 years pryer with a group deal I got with freinds. I had no idea at that time which way it would take me. As any true artist will express to you is, you have to be able to visualize it. I have been fusing for just over two years now and love it! There are really no limitations on this craft. I love how the colors mingle and marry with no seperation in light transfusion. I love the energy the glass has in the light there is no other. This has been a ride I don't ever plan on getting off. I love my work! My great grandfather always told me to "find something I really love to do and learn how to make money at it"


Palm Tree Head Mask
Palm Tree Head Mask
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