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Engraved Dice Towers Engraved Dice Towers

Engraved Dice Towers

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Perfect for a cluttered gaming table or for that person who always seems to roll the die off the table and under the couch. These towers are laser cut and engraved, creating extremely detailed images. Finger joints create a sturdy structure that more than stand up to regular wear and tear. When closed it measures out to a simple 6.25" x 4.5" x 2.25" box, making it easy to store or fit in your bag. The wood itself is only 1/8" thick, so it is also extremely light. Because there are so many variation with the different options, the towers cannot be effectively listed on this particular store page. But they are always available on the main website and in person at conventions.

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Engraved Dice Towers
Engraved Dice Towers
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