Steven Iseman eLumination Steven Iseman eLumination
Labradoodling in pond at sunset Labradoodling in pond at sunset

Labradoodling in pond at sunset

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Length/Depth: 10 in
Width: 10 in
Height: 3 in


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Note for October 30: I am just days away from launching my website and spilling the beans on a bunch of new works that have never been shown before. Please follow me on Instagram and will let you know the minute that the site is open for you. Here is your invite to my IG site: I'm on Instagram as steveniseman. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. Look closer. There is an extra dimension to my work. Part photograph, part sculpture, part lino-graph. I build up images in layers - 50 to 250 of them depending on complexity - using material printers. Each layer is a uniform colour and each will contribute to the overall image through gaps and holes in the layers above. To visualize, think of chips out of a wall that has been painted many times in many colours, revealing varying flashes of colour. With the alchemy of technology and time, I build up these flashes of colour to render images rich with detail, depth and dimension. These images are derived from my photography and they tell stories - my stories and yours. Some are simple and light, others are complex and hard-earned; all with their own measure of detail, depth and dimension. GOT A QUESTION /COMMENT /SUGGESTION? I would love to hear from you. Please message me through this service, or at I am happy to arrange a viewing of any pieces that you are interested in, either online or, if feasible, live. The three dimensional nature of my pieces is best viewed live. Enjoy.

Steven Iseman eLumination


Labradoodling in pond at sunset
Labradoodling in pond at sunset
Steven Iseman eLumination
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