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Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

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***Note*** There are 5 more 5" Monarchs in the kiln and will be ready for shipping around October 12th. Please reserve in the category " In The Kiln Ready for Orders" 5" top wing span fused glass dimensional Monarch Butterfly in flight. Butterfly is attached to a copper tube that slides over a shaped yard stake roughly 26 to 32” long. This allows the Butterfly to float above your garden flowers. There are three available

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Length/Depth: 4.5 in
Width: 5 in
Height: 28 in


Delivery restrictions may apply:
Can not ship to a PO Box

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No refund or returns allowed on this purchase.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Pam for more information.

Meet your seller


My passion is to create glass designs with visual depth, strong color and texture that celebrate nature through the unique character of glass. I find inspiration from the four seasons and its impact on landscapes and animal habitats. Designs begin on a canvas of sheet glass, much like a painter’s canvas. Then I create layers of glass, one layer at a time, using various techniques to manipulate glass powder. Each layer is kiln fired before the next is added, which is done to achieve depth, color development and texture. Additional depth is added through color blending, thoughtful selection of opacity and utilization of various sizes of crushed glass. It is a way to harness the usual into something spectacular. Think of a sunset with colors overlaying each other that beckons you to look deeper into the scene, or a cloud with hints of transparent lavender and baby blue highlighting the cloud’s rippled shape, or the feel of feathers on a bird. A typical piece will go through five layering and kiln firings before completion. Using a combination of these unique layering and texturizing techniques, developed over 27 years of experimentation, the initial sketches are transformed into eye catching, realistic designs that pull you into the picture. My love for nature is well rooted, growing up in Seattle, Washington with all the beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!

Layered Glass

A transformation of glass through kiln fusing to develop spectacular colors & depth. Designs start on a glass base, and then elements are added & fused. After the initial fuse additional glass, and sometimes 14K gold, are added to develop the depth (physical & visual), texture & accents. A typical piece goes through 4 glass builds & fuses, each fusing transition is unique for that stage. By creating layers at different depths & color density light moves uniquely through the piece & draws you in.


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Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Layered Glass
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