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Holding Fast to Summer Holding Fast to Summer

Holding Fast to Summer

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This is another one of my plein air garden interpretations where I was channeling the wonderful emotions that you feel on a summer day. It is an acrylic on Birch and is not resined and comes unframed.

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Joanne Duklas is an abstract, multi-disciplinary artist who works out of her studio in Ontario, Canada. Her favourite mediums include acrylic paint, watercolour, resin, pencil, and charcoal. She began painting 30 years ago; however, left it behind and only recently returned to the art world. Often sought after for commissions, clients enthuse about the energy and emotion of her work. If you are interested in seeing more art from Joanne, visit her website at: https://www.joanneduklasartist.com/ Artist’s Statement: My approach for each of my pieces often involves using colour and depictions of nature, forms, and shapes to illustrate the complexity of human emotions. When working with acrylic and/or watercolour, I become immersed in the process of creating and often enjoy applying paint to birch wood. At times, I use resin to bring out the vibrancy of the colours. Each piece represents an emotional journey for me and a moment of discovery. My love of nature and fascination with the complexities of people are constant sources of inspiration. Creating pieces that reflect the essence of the world around me brings peace, quiet, and joy to a mind that is often racing on multiple levels!


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Holding Fast to Summer
Holding Fast to Summer
Joanne Duklas Fine Art
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