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Ben & Lael, Inc. Ben & Lael, Inc.
Copper Large Ice Scoop with Burr Antler Handle Copper Large Ice Scoop with Burr Antler Handle

Copper Large Ice Scoop with Burr Antler Handle

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Do you like your martini shaken or stirred? Our large ice scoop is the perfect addition to your home bar set. This scoop is a classic example of function meeting art. The copper is shaped and then hammered, or planished, into the graceful curves of the scoop. The handle is the burr end of a naturally shed antler and a flower is hand carved into the end using age-old scrimshaw techniques and polished. 11" x 4" x 1.5" The inherent nature of our handmade items and the natural qualities of antler mean that each piece is subtly unique.

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Length/Depth: 11 in
Width: 4 in
Height: 1.5 in


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Ben & Lael, Inc.

Ben Caldwell is an award winning artist from Nashville, TN. His work has been featured in many national publications including Southern Home magazine, Victoria magazine, Cottage Journal magazine, Garden & Gun magazine, Southern Lady magazine, and Oprah magazine as well as features and appearances on television and radio. His work has been in museums and shown in galleries. Ben has created commissioned work for the governor of Tennessee, and the Ellis Island Family Heritage awards for the The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation out of copper preserved from the Registry Building at Ellis Island. In his own words: “I love forming metal. Copper feels like a suspended liquid as I’m working it, as if it’s flowing & wants to work with me to take on whatever shape I envision. The natural world & its incomparable beauty are one of my main sources of inspiration. After hiking the Appalachian Trail, my love of nature became a central focus in my art. Sometimes I begin with the classical proportions & forms of the historic American silver that surrounded me growing up, other pieces begin with an idea rather than a fully formed picture & I feel it out as I work the metal. This allows, opportunities to arise that I didn’t anticipate; serendipity takes over, leading me on an exciting, unplanned journey. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques including hammering, raising, & chasing by hand with traditional tools, but also tools of my own design. All of my materials, the purest available copper, silver & naturally-shed antler, are sourced in the USA to create each one-of-a kind piece in my Nashville studio.” Many of the pieces here are available in both copper and silver. View more of our beautiful serving pieces on our website, or contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting our page!


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Copper Large Ice Scoop with Burr Antler Handle
Copper Large Ice Scoop with Burr Antler Handle
Ben & Lael, Inc.

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