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Metal Steampunk Ether Sword Metal Steampunk Ether Sword

Metal Steampunk Ether Sword

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This is an original Steampunk sword design. Constructed primarily from Aluminum the sword is cut from 1/8" sheet, welded together with internal bracing, then ground and sanded to a smooth finish with textured painting added to finish the product and antiquing to give it an older used feel. It is approximately 80" from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle and weighs approximately 25 lbs. The blade is 8" wide at the hilt, 6' at the tip and 1.5" thick with a battle worn roughness to it. The blade is 48" long. The handle, which is welded securely into the blade and re-enforced with a steel insert, is wrapped in a genuine gray leather spiral. The handle diameter is 1-1/8" and is 32" long from the back end of the blade. The hand guard is made from solid aluminum and has had various brass, copper, aluminum and steel fixtures added to give it a functioning ether appearance. The pommel is made from red brass and a faceted crystal door knob. Could be used as a cosplay prop but made to primarily be a display prop. And, as usual everything is tapped and bolted or screwed into place. Please note that Alaska and Hawaii may be subject to additional shipping fees. Thanks for browsing. Please contact me if you are interested.

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Steam Forged Studios specializes in producing or altering items for Steampunk, Anime, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy themed items and props. We also consider custom orders as well. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for coming by!

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Length/Depth: 80 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 1.5 in
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Metal Steampunk Ether Sword
Metal Steampunk Ether Sword
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