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Celtic Owl Umbrella - UMB-007 Celtic Owl Umbrella - UMB-007

Celtic Owl Umbrella - UMB-007

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• Made of waterproof nylon • Telescopic handle • Opens to 36" across • Collapses to 9" long • Includes matching storage bag Even when the skies are stormy, you'll be on cloud nine with this enchanting Celtic Owl Umbrella, featuring artwork by Bridgid Ashwood. Come rain or shine, this umbrella will make your day feel magical. The Celtic Owl Umbrella is a full-sized umbrella, measuring 36" across, but it collapses to just 9" long when closed- small enough to carry in your purse! There's even a matching storage bag to hold it when it is not in use. We don't get much rain here. Can I use this as a parasol instead? Sure you can! This umbrella will block the sun just as well as it blocks the rain. In fact, studies have shown that umbrellas can block over 77% of UV radiation. When is National Umbrella Day? National Umbrella Day is celebrated on February 10 every year. And while it's nice to have a specific day devoted to this awesome contraption, we still recommend keeping your umbrella handy all year around.

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Celtic Owl Umbrella - UMB-007
Celtic Owl Umbrella - UMB-007
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