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JessiKay Henna Llc JessiKay Henna Llc
JessiKay Henna inspired Temporary Tattoo sheets JessiKay Henna inspired Temporary Tattoo sheets

JessiKay Henna inspired Temporary Tattoo sheets

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JessiKay Henna designs turned into a 5x7 sheet of temporary staining tattoos. Just add water Safe for all ages and lasts 10-14 days Every design in my shop was hand drawn by me, JessiKay, and printed with ink derived from the Gardenia Fruit to then transfer to your skin and wear for days. My diamond in each design is my signature and I use it in all of my work. Please ask about buying the rights to my of my original art. I am inspired by Henna body art that has been around for 6000 years, in multiple cultures and used for celebrations, and even for cosmetics and medicine. It’s a plant based dye that stains your skin a reddish brown and lasts for a few weeks before fading away. Being a full time henna artist in a time where social distancing was a must to keep everyone safe, I have turned my original designs into a zero person to person contact option. Once you receive the tattoo you will cut it out and then use water to release the design onto your skin. It’s best to avoid bendy places or places you will have clothing rub up against. What is Gardenia Fruit Gel? In the same family as the Jagua Fruit, Gardenia is a fruiting flower which is native to South East Asia. The fruits of Gardenia and Jagua both contain "genipin" which is the natural pigment which stains skin it's desirable black/blue color! Both are used as an alternative to toxic "black Henna" which contain dangerous chemicals such as PPD. Our tattoo sheets are 100% Gardenia Fruit Gel and are PPD free! Therefore they are safe for adults and children alike! Our fruit gel tattoos are more mild than pure jagua fruit gel, however we still recommend anyone who has any fruit allergies to do a spot test first. Please view our aftercare card in the photo slideshow for more info.

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Length/Depth: 7 in
Width: 5 in
Height: 0.02 in
Length/Depth: 7.5 in
Width: 5.2 in
Height: 0.03 in


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JessiKay Henna inspired Temporary Tattoo sheets
JessiKay Henna inspired Temporary Tattoo sheets
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