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Tree II

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With a distant moon visible, these tree shapes beckon you down a path. Soft magenta colours play with blues and maroons created with gelli plate images. Linocut printed letters are largely obscured by later additions of paint and collage layers.

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CAD 500.00

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Length/Depth: 1.5 in
Width: 18 in
Height: 24 in
Length/Depth: 5 in
Width: 22 in
Height: 28 in


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I will accept returns within 14 days (two weeks) from the date of purchase, subject to a $20 restocking fee, provided there is no damage or changes of any kind to the painting or the framing. You are responsible for getting the painting back to me, and for all packing and shipping costs. If you ship the painting, it must be carefully packed to avoid damage. (But don't worry, you will love it when you get it home, and won't want to give it back!)
Exceptions may apply. Please message Susan G for more information.

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Susan G

Artist living and working in Toronto. Abstracted landscapes in mixed media, acrylic, and linocut.

Susan G Abbott Fine Art

Welcome! I'm so pleased you have stopped in to see my art. It is a joy to create, and share my vision with others. My mission is to create art that helps us connect with essentials of the human experience, with our most authentic selves. For me, that means connecting with the natural world. I worry about the environment and climate change. But we only invest in saving the things we love. So that love and that worry are present in most of my work. When you see the words "Mixed Media" it means that I have created multiple layers of a painting, using acrylic paint, collage papers that I create, stamps that I carve, marks made with pencils, paint pens, pastels, and more. I love the atmospheric effects, texture, and depth that this approach provides. I offer free delivery in the city of Toronto (or free pickup.)


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Tree II
Tree II
Susan G Abbott Fine Art
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